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Earth's Structure


The Crust is made up of... solid rocks, soil,and minerals
The Mantle supports the... crust
Inner Core is shaped... like a solid ball
Inner Core is made of... mostly of solid iron and nickel
The Outer Core is made of... mostly of melted iron
The Outer Core is... thought to be liquid
Scientists call the earth's crust and upper mantle the lithosphere (litho means rock or stone)
The two types of crust are... oceanic crust and continental crust
The three layers of the mantle are... lithosphere, asthenosphere, and mesosphere
The two layers of the core are... The outer core and the inner core
The earth's crust is the thickest... on continental crust, specifically at mountain ranges
The thickest layer of the earth is the... mantle
The thinnest layer of the earth is the... crust
Convection currents are found in the... mantle (primarily in the mesosphere)
Convection currents are responsible... for the movement of heat through the mantle
The earth's three main layers are the... crust, mantle, and core
Oceanic crust is made of... mostly basalt
Continental crust is made of... mostly granite
Convection currents in the outer core are thought to be responsible for... the earth's magnetic field
Is the mantle a solid or a liquid? solid
Which layer of the mantle separates the upper mantle from the lower mantle? asthenosphere
Continental drift the theory that the continents are moving very slowly.
Alfred Wegener proposed the theory of... continental drift
Pangaea an ancient supercontinent that scientists believe existed from about 200 to 300 million years ago.
Supercontinent a single landmass that includes two or more continents.
Landmass a large, unbroken area of land.
Fossil the remains, traces, or imprint of an ancient living thing preserved in rock.
Fossils can be... bones, shells, impressions, or even footprints.