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STNA words (S-W)

written words

Safety the condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt, injury, or loss
Scabies a disease that is caused by small insects and that causes itching and red spots on the skin
Scale equipment used for weight a person. upright- standing scale. wheelchair scale, hoyer lift bed scale
Seclusion the act of placing or keeping someone away from other people : the act of secluding someone
Secretions releasing some material either functionally specialized (as saliva) or isolated for excretion (as urine) . use standard precautions (PPE)
Security things done to make people or places safe. it is on maslow hierarchy, 2nd level safe and security
Seizure an abnormal state in which a person usually experiences convulsions and may become unconscious, shaking and trembling.
Self-esteem Thinking well of oneself and seeing oneself as useful and having value.
Semi-fowlers The head of the bed is raised 30 degrees.
Sensory system The system includes eyes, nose, ears part. What you can see, smell, and hear.
Sexual Abuse To have sex with someone without their consent. Having sex with a person that is dementia or confused
Sexual harassment The uninvited or unwelcome verbal or physical behavior in sexual nature. Eg the employer with employee
Sexual Needs The need to express or feel sex with self or others
Sexuality The physical, emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual factors that affects a person's feelings attitudes about his or her sex
Sharps Container The container that holds needles, razors, to prevent others from getting hurt
Shaving The act of applying shaving cream and shaving hair with razor or electric razor or cream
Shearing of skin The layers of the skin rub against each other, skin on top stay in place, but the underlying tissues move and stretch, tearing capillaries and blood vessels.
Side Rails Rails on side on bed that will prevent a person from getting out of bed. 1/2 rails are used more because patient can get and cause less damage to self trying to get thru siderails
Simple Fracture The bone is broken but skin is intact, also called a close fracture
Skin Integrity skin that is intact not broken. Good skin integrity will prevent pressure ulcers
Slander Making false statements orally
Smoking Lighting a cigarette or marijuana and inhale and exhale smoke
Social Needs Needs of social interactions, communication with other people, attending activities and events
Soiled linen Dirty or contaminated towels, sheets, bedspreads
Specimen something collected as an example of a particular kind of thing. eg urine or sputum specimen
sphygmomanometer A cuff and measuring device (gauge) used to measure blood pressure
spills to cause or allow especially accidentally or unintentionally to fall, flow, or run out so as to be lost or wasted
Spiritual needs need of spiritual, belief of higher beings. the need to attend religious services
Sputum Mucus from the respiratory system that is expect orated through the mouth
Standard Precautions Things to do or wear to prevent the spread of germs (pathogens). PPE- gloves, mask, gowns, handwashing
STAT abbreviation for "immediately"
stated tested The test given by the stated. It refers to stated test nursing assistant ( written and skill test)
stereotypes to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same. eg all blacks are the same
sterilization the process of destroying all microorganisms. eg sterilization of the surgical room
stethoscope An instrument used to listen to sounds produced by the heart, lungs and other body organs
stomach the body organ that holds and digest fluids and foods
stress a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, etc.
stroke a serious illness caused when a blood vessel in your brain suddenly breaks or is blocked
subjective data Things a persons tells you about, that you cannot observe thru your senses.
substance abuse excessive use of a drug (such as alcohol, narcotics, or cocaine)
suicide the act or an instance of taking one's own life voluntarily and intentionally
sundowning a state of increased agitation, confusion, disorientation, and anxiety that typically occurs in the late afternoon or evening in some individuals affected with dementia
supine lying on the back or with the face upward
supplemental feedings feedings that given if someone does not eat their meals. It can be a replacement of a meal eg. ensure, boost, or tube feeding
suprapubic situated, occurring, or performed from above the pubis area.The pubis bone sits below the coccyx bone (tail bone)
survey to look at and examine all parts of (something). The state send surveyors to nursing facility at least once a year to survey the building and quality of life of the resident
swelling the condition of being larger than normal. Edema is swelling. Extra fluid can be in the extremity to give the look of swelling
systolic The period of heart muscle contractions, the heart is pumping the blood
tachycardia Fast Heat beat , more than 100 per minute
TED hose Also called anti-embolic stocking, support hose. They prevent blood clots and edema (swelling)
telephone etiquette How to answer the phone. Give your name, facility name and how can I help you?
temperature a measurement that indicates how hot or cold something is
tendons a tough piece of tissue in your body that connects a muscle to a bone
terminal illness A illness that will result with death within 6 months to 1 year.
terminology the special words or phrases that are used in a particular field
threatening resident It is abuse to threatening a resident. Threatening is to tell someone you will harm them.
tips Extra money given to workers for doing care. It is unethical to take tips from a resident
toenails nails on the feet are called toe nails. STNA do not cut toenails, they can file them, or tell the charge nurse, so a apt with podiatrist will be made.
toileting schedule A schedule to help a patient maintain urinary and bowel functions. Decrease incontinence episodes.
transfers Transfers can be how to move a person from bed to chair and etc. Transfers can be moving a patient from room to another room.
treating residents with respect All staff should treat residents with respect. this also a resident's rights
trochanter roll A roll used for alignment of the hip or femur bone. It is placed between the legs and Velcro straped in place. It keep the legs apart and straight
tub bath Bath given in a tub. Water placed in the tub and patient steps in or lowered into the tub
tube feeding Feeding given via tube in the nasal, gastric site.
tubing plastic tubing for oxygen, IV fluid, tubefeeding
twice daily something done twice a daily. abbreviation is BID
tympanic means ear
unaffected This term applies to the body. A stroke can occur on one side the Affected side, and the unaffected side has full function and range of motion
unconscious not possessing mind or consciousness, the person appears sleep, but you give personal care, oral care, and repositioning q 2 hrs
unethical behavior Behavior that is not morally right as a employee in a healthcare facility. eg. having sex with patient, using the patient's cell phone
unsteady not standing or moving in a steady and balanced way
urethral the tube through which urine moves from the bladder and out of the body
urinary catheter bag A bag that is connected to a urinary catheter and the urine drains into the bag from the bladder
urinary elimination the removal of urine from the body either in the toilet or urinary bag
urinary problems Problems of the urinary system such as incontinence, urinary tract infection kidney stones
urinary system this system includes bladder, 2ureters, 2 kidneys urethra
urinary tract the urinary tract is the from the kidney thru ureter, bladder and urethra pathway
urine Urine is the liquid excreted out of the body via the urinary tract. Urine helps removes toxin out of the body
validation Is confirming the true, backing the true of statement and facts.
validation therapy This therapy helps patients know what is real and not real, It helps their memory.
violent behavior Behavior that is hurtful, combative,
vision change Vision change can occur related disease or the aging of the body
vital signs the pulse rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, and often blood pressure of a person
vitamins a natural substance that is usually found in foods and that helps your body to be healthy
vocabulary all of the words known and used by a person
vomitus It is a another term for ( throwing up undigested food) also called emesis
walker A device that provides balance while ambulating
wandering resident A resident that moves from one location in the facility to another, no destination just wandering around
water faucets The handles of the faucets, they are dirty and you use a paper towel to turn them off
water intake How much water did a person drink or take inside their body
weighing The procedure of weighting a patient in wheelchair or standup scale
weight a measurement that indicates how heavy a person or thing is
wheelchair safety Safety used with the handling of the wheelchair, locking the wheels from transfers, roll backwards going down a ramp, and facing forward going out of elevator
white blood cells abbrev. EBC- helps fights off infection and microorganism
withdrawn resident A resident that is withdrawn will stay in their room and not participate in activities, not eating, not taking medication
workplace violence violence, fighting, that occur at the workplace