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Physical Geography of Europe

What is the size of Europe The 2nd Smallest Continent
How many countries make up Europe 48 countries
How are Europe population made up. It is the most densely populated area next to Asia.
How many major Peninsulas? 5 major peninsulas
List the 5 major Peninsulas? Scandinavian - Norway & Sweden Jutland - Denmark Iberian - Spain & Portugal Italian - Italy Balkan - Greece
What Rivers are around Europe Volga Danube Rhine
What is the largest river in Europe Volga
Which River flows through 12 countries and is the 2nd longest river in Europe? Danube
Which river is most productive or farming? Rhine
What Mountain ranges are around Europe Alps Caucuses Carpatnian Ural Norwegian
Which Mountain range is located in the far east of Europe? Caucuses
Which Mountain rage divides Europe and Asia? Ural
What type of climate for Northern Europe? Rainy and cool
What type of climate for the Southern Europe? Rainy, Mild Winters and Hot/dry summers
What type of climate for the Eastern Europe? Humid continental - It has 4 seasons
What type of vegetation on Europe? Largest Forest on Earth
What is the population of Europe? Half of the worlds populations
What type of Eastern Orthodox is in Europe? Rejection of the pope Very traditional
What type of languages? Latin Germanic Slanc
Which part of Europe experience Protestantism Northern Europe
Which countries within Europe begin to question teaching of Vatican? Countries further from Roman Influence
Where is the heart of Roman Catholicism in Europe? Rome
Stateless nation Nation that doesn't have homeland
Nation state Both nation and both state are combine
Nation A group of people w/a common history and culture
State Political boundary like a country
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