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Latina Christiana

Lessons 21-25

Latina Christiana I-xxWords
lux,lucis light
veritas,veritatis truth
Caesar,Caesaris Caesar
pons,pontis bridge
pax,pacis peace
caput,capitis head
hostis,hostis enemy
ordo,ordinis rank
tempus,temporis time
ignis,ignis fire
Pax Romana The Roman Peace
Miles Christi sum I am a soldier of Christ
miles, militis soldier
mons, montis mountain
canis, canis dog
corpus, corporis body
nomen, moninis mane
fama,ae rumor,report
soror,sororis sister
hora,ae hour
centurio,centurionis centurion
civitas,civitatis state
Vox populi,vox dei The voice of the prople is the voice of God
urbs, urbis city
vox, vocis voice
gerio, legionis legion
homo, hominis man
imperator, imperatoris commander
auriga,ae charioteer
ira,ae anger
sicut as
totus,a,um whole
silva,ae forest
Signum crucis Sign of the cross
virtus,virtutis courage, virtue
collis,colllis hill
navis, navis ship
nox,noctis night
crux,crucis cross
tutus,a,um safe
praemium,i reward
proelium,i battle
patria,ae faterland, country
nuntius,i messenger, message
dolor,doloris pain, sorrow
gens,gentis tribe
pars,partis part
flumen, fluminis river
mors,mortis death
lavo I wash
appello I call , address
habito I live
narro I tell
do I give
Salve, amici Latinae Greetings,friends of Latin
Salve, magister/magistra Hello, teacher.
Salvete, discipuli Hello, students
Salve, discipule Hello, student
Quid est tuum praenomen ? What is your first name?
Meum praenomen est... My first name is...
Sede, Sedete. Sit down
Surge, surgite Stand up
Oremus Let us pray
Quid agis ? How are you?
Satis bene Pretty well
Vale, magister/magistra Good bye, teacher
Vale,discipuli Good bye, students
Gratias tibi ago Thank you
Repete, repetite Repeat
Quo vadis? Where are you going?
Created by: Lise



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