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Latina Christiana -

Lessons 10-20

Latina Christiana I- XWords
Mundus, i world
socius,i ally
nuntius,i messenger,message
barbarus,i barbarian
campus,i field,plain
capillus,i hair
cibus,i food
equus,i horse
ventus,i wind
locus,i place
Ante bellum Before the war
bellum,i war
donum, i gift
oppidum,i town
telum,it weapon
verbum,i word
regnum,i kingdom
frumentum,i grain
signum,i sign,standard
imperium,i command,empire
proelium,i battle
Excelsior Ever higher !
gaudium,i joy, gladness
auxilium,i help, aid
debitum,i debt,trespass
caelum,i heaven
peccatum,i mistake,sin
vallum,i wall,rampart
praemium,i reward
vinum,i wine
tergum,i back
forum,i forum
altus,alta,altum high,deep
bonus,a,um good
longus,a, um long
malus,a,um bad
multus,a,um much,many
magnus,a,um large,great
plenus,a,um full
sanctus,a,um holy,saint
tutus,a,um safe
parvus,a,um small
novus ordo seclorum New order of the ages
aeternus,a,um eternal,everlasting
certus,a,um certain,sure
primus,a,um first
secundus,a,um second
tertius,a,um third
proximus,a,um nearest,next
summus,a,um highest,greatest
totus,a,um whole
solus,a,um alone,only
novus,a,um new
nunc now
clam secretly
non not
bene well
inter between
numquam never
contra against
sub under
supra above
ex out of
monco I warn
video I see
terreo I frighten
habeo I have
moveo I move
timeo I fear
docco I teach
debeo I owe,ought
prohibeo I prevent
jubeo I order,command
agnus,i lamb
insula,ae island
oculus,i eye
appello I speak to, address
narro I tell
do I give
meus,a,um my
tuus,a,um your(to one person)
injuria,ae injury
sedoe I sit
habito I live,dwell
cena,ae dinner
aurora,ae dawn
auriga,ae charioteer
lavo I wash
sicut as
pugna,ae fight
fenestra,ae window
hortus,i garden
nimbus,i cloud
virgo maiden,virgin
libra,ae pair of scales
scorpio scorpion
sagittarius,i archer
capricorn goat
aquarius,i water carrier
pisces fish
aries ram
taurus,i bull
geminus,i twin
cancer crab
leo lion
Alma Mater Nurturing Mother
frater,fratris brother
pater,patris father
mater,matris mother
lex,legis law
rex,regis king
pecunia,ae money
mensa,ae table
lingua,ae language
proximus,a,um nearest,next
et and
Created by: Lise