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Personal Care

Axilla underarm or armpit area
Bridge a type of dental appliance that replaces missing or pulled teeth
Dandruff excessive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp
Dentures artificial teeth
Edema swelling in body tissues caused by excess fluid
Edentulous lacking teeth ;toothless
Gingivitis an inflammation of the gums
Grooming practices to care for oneself, such as caring for fingernails and hair
Halitosis Bad-smelling breath
Hygiene methods of keeping the body clean
Partial Bath bath that includes washing the face, underarms,hands, and perineal area
Pediculosis an infestation if lice
Plaque a substance that accumulates on the teeth from food and bacteria
Tartar hard deposits on the teeth that filled with bacteria; may cause gum disease and loose teeth if they are not removed
ADLs activities of daily living
Ax axillary ( armpit )
BRP bathroom privileges
BSC beside commode
Peri Care perineal care
HTN Hypertension
TLC tender loving care
N/C no complaints, no call
TB tuberculosis
TPR temperature, pulse, and respiration
Meds medications
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