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Ethics and Values

Identify various ways values, beliefs, and attitudes are learned Through family practice, peers/social groups, coworkers/classmates
Examine and clarify personal values considered to be the biggest ethical dilemma b/c individuals often have such strong beliefs that they deem them to be factual and it causes them to become judgmental towards those that challenge the belief/value
Describe reasons for identifying client values To establish patients expectations and get patient satisfaction, build trusting relationship, sets up boundaries and respect
Investigate the role of ethics in professional nursing Effective care results from nurses who are "value neutral" as a healthcare provider "non judgmental" in their patient approach
Identify professional values incorporated in nursing codes Altruism, Autonomy, Human Dignity, Integrity, Social Justice
Discuss the types of ethical issues encountered by nurses Conflict in values/belief about plan of care/comfort measures/advanced directives etc.
Discuss selected frameworks for resolving ethical dilemmas 1. Ask if this IS an ethical dilemma; 2.Gather all relevant info; 3. Clarify values; 4. verbalize problem; 5. Identify possible course of action; 6. Negotiate plan; 7. Evaluate plan
Discuss the role of the nurse as a client advocate The nurses role is to stand up and support the patient even when we don't necessarily agree; and to also educate them so they can make the best decisions for their care
Created by: amandamarie194