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STNA words (I to N)

written words

I & O abbreviation for Intake and Output
Ileostomy surgical formation of an artificial anus by connecting the ileum to an opening in the abdominal wall
Immobility incapable of being moved, the patient is not moving and stay in the same position for long periods of time
Immune not susceptible or responsive; especially : having a high degree of resistance to a disease
Impaired, impairment disabled or functionally not able to do certain things. eg. hearing impair.
Incontinence inability of the body to control urination and bowel movements
Indwelling Catheter catheter placed in the bladder for long period of time and indwelling related to ballon filled with 5cc to 10cc NS
Infection a disease state resulting from the invasion and growth of microbes in the body
Infection Control Practices and procedures that prevent the spread of infection
Infection Prevention this is anything that prevents n infection. Hand-washing, using standard precautions, gloves, asepsis, disinfection
Infectious Disease A disease that is infectious, communicable, easily spreaded or catch from an infected person
Initial Observations the first observations seen with a new admitted patient. their first weight,, height, temp, pulse, resp, body condition, skin
Input and Output the amount of fluids intake and the amount output excreted out of the body. 30cc= 1 oz.
Integumentary System This system includes the skin, nail, hair, oil gland and sweat glands
Interpersonal Skills The skill communicating with a person on a one to one level.
Invasion of Privacy Violating a person's rights not to have his or her name, photo, or private affairs exposed or made public without giving consent
Isolation the state of being in a place or situation that is separate from others. Used as a infection control procedure
IV care The care given to a IV site. The STNA should observe the site for redness, tubing on in site, swelling, dressing coming off. and how to put clothes on the extremity with IV
Jaundice Yellow color of the skin or whites of the eyes. Caused from hepatitis. The body is not removing toxins from the liver.
Job description A document that describes what the agency expect you to do
Life Support This term is used in advance directive decision. Do you want life support of ventilation, CPR, IV, and etc.
Lift/draw sheet A fold sheet, pad or water pad, place under the person waist down to thigh area to help transfer them or move them in bed.
Linen Cloth material used for cleaning the resident or making bed. Towels, sheets, blanket, and bedspreads.
Liquid diet A diet that is able to drink, broth, tea, milk, juice,
Listening The ability to hear what is being said to you
Loose teeth the teeth are still in the gums, but the teeth are loose and may caused the gums to bleed, or pain during eating food.
Low Sodium diet A diet with low sodium in it. People with high blood pressure, heart , kidney or liver disease would need a low sodium diet
Making Occupied Bed A bed make while the patient is in the bed
Male perineal Care Cleansing of the Gentials and rectum on the male with a circular motion starting at the opening (meatus) area first. rectum you wipe upward toward back.
Maslow This person develop the Human needs Pyramid the needs of physical, safety, love, self-esteem and self generation.
Masturbation The person performs self sexual fulfillment on themselves.
MDS abbreviation for Minimum Data Set. Information gathered from patient on admission, and every 3 months. Information goes in computer to determine score and that the state and federal agency will pay for the patient's care
measuring height The procedure to measure a person's height from head to toe
measuring temperature Measuring the body temperature by oral, rectal, axillary (underarm) and tympanic (ear)
mechanical lift This lift is used for a heavy person that has not weight bearing ability. the lift takes 2 staff members and a pad.
medical record A written or electronic document of a person's condition and response to treatment and care; chart or clinical record.
medications Medicine prescribed to a person related to help their diagnosis or condition. STNA do not give medications.
memory loss Loss of memory due to acute delirium or dementia (alzhemier's)
mental health The person copes with and adjusts to everyday stresses in ways accepted by society
mentally impaired Impairment with a cognitive level of a person. They can not made a rational decision, confused about things
microorganism, microgranisms A small living thing seen only with a microscope/
minerals Minerals are used for many body processes. Minerals such as calcium- bones, iron- red blood cells, iodine- growth. potassium- muscles and heart function
misappropriation of property The misuse of someone else's money for your own personal use. eg. facility buy a 50" tv for the recreation room from a patient personal money
mistreatment The treatment of a patient is not respectable, humiliation, rough handling, giving poor quality care
mobility the ability to move. The patient has mobility by ambulation or using wheelchair. inmobile patient is just sitting or lying will become contracted
morning care The care given in the morning. To wash face, bath, comb hair and brush teeth, also to go to the bathroom is morning care
mouth care The care of the mouth that includes brushing teeth, rinsing mouth, giving mouth care to unconscious patient, and applying ointment on lips
moving To place a object or person in a different location
Multiple Sclerosis a demyelinating disease marked by patches of hardened tissue in the brain or the spinal cord and associated especially with partial or complete paralysis and jerking muscle tremor
muscle spasms A spasm, stiffness, painful contraction of a muscle
musculoskeletal The area of the muscle and skeletal system work hand in hand
nail care The care of the nail, by soaking, washing, filling, and cutting the nails. STNA do not cut Diabetic nails
neglect Failure to provide the person with the goods, or services needed to avoid physical harm, mental anguish, or mental illness
negligence An unintentional wrong in which a person did not act in a reasonable and careful manner and a person or their possessions were harmed.
non-contagious disease A disease that is not communicable to someone else. It can not be caught from them. eg. eczema, arthritis
nonverbral communication Communication that does not use words. It can be gesture of the hand or body language
NPO nothing per oral ( mouth)
Nursing assistant's role The role of the STNA is giving personal care, reporting, admission and discharge duties
Nutrition The processes involved in the indigestion, digestion, absorption, and use of foods and fluids by the body