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Micro Lab Final

UALR Microbiology- Dr. Ali

What does it mean to hydrolyze? To break bonds with water
Why must bacteria hydrolyze larger molecules? To allow nutrients in the cell
Hydrolysis is accomplished by the secretion of what? exoenzymes or hydrolases
4 extracellular enzymes: Starch; Lipid; Casein; Gelatin
Hydrolysis test is performed using what 2 components? Starch agar plate and iodine
Gelatin is a __________ protein. incomplete
At what temperature is gelatin solid? Less than 25 degrees Celsius
At what temperature is gelatin liquid? More than 25 degrees Celsius
How do you know if a Catalase test is positive? The formation of gas/ bubbles
Where can Oxidase be found? In the Mitochondria
How do you know if your bacteria is Oxidase positive? Color change to Deep Purple within 20 seconds of being streaked on test slide
How do you test for Catalase activity? Add H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) to bacteria.
What does "SIM" stand for? S- Sulfide I- Indole M- Motility
What does the SIM test media contain? Amino acids (tryptophan); Peptones (source of cysteine); Ferrous Ammonium
How do you know if your SIM results are Sulfide positive? The appearance of black precipitate (indicates the presence of H2S)
How do you know if your SIM results are indole positive? Kovac's reagent turns red on top of agar
What does MR-VP stand for? Methyl Red and Voge's Proskauer
What does MR-VP test for? Fermentation end products between species
What color and what pH indicate positive MR test? Red color and pH of 5 or less (pH4); indicates mixed acid
The VP test detects the presence of ____________. acetoin
What color indicates a positive VP test? Rose
Litmus Milk is made up of what 3 different metabolized components? Latose; Casein; Litmus
Litmus turns what color when acidic? Red
Litmus turns what color when neutral? Purple
Litmus turns what color when alkaline? Blue
If fissures appear in the solidified (curd) of the Litmus Milk, what has been produced? Gas
Litmus Milk that has turned pink, indicates what kind of reaction? Lactose Fermentation (acidic)
Litmus Milk that has turned a brownish color with a purple band on top, has experienced what kind of reaction? Proteolysis
Litmus Milk that has turned white with a purple band on top, indicates what type of reaction? Litmus Reduction
The citrate test determines what? Whether or not the organism can use citrate as its sole carbon source.
A positive citrate test will turn from what color to what color? Green to Blue
What is the pH indicator called for the citrate test? Bromthymol Blue
During the Nitrate reduction test, the appearance of what color indicates the presence of No2-? Red
The Nitrate Reduction test, tests for what? To see if bacterium can use nitrate as a final electron acceptor during anaerobic respiration
If positive for Nitrate utilization, then there are three possible positive end products. What are they? N2 (gas); NO2- (nitrite);NH3 (ammonia)
Antisepsis Reduction in the number of microorganisms and viruses; particularly potential pathogens, on living tissue
Aseptic Refers to an environment or procedure free of pathogenic microorganisms.
What do the suffixes "-cide" and "-cidal" indicate? the destruction of a type of microbe
De-germing The removal of microbes by mechanical means
Disinfection Destruction of most microorganisms and viruses on non-living tissue
Pasteurization The use of heat to destroy pathogens and to reduce the number of spoilage in foods and beverages.
6 Efficiency Factors of Chemical Agents; Concentration; Length of exposure; Environmental Conditions; Material type; Age of culture
Antibiotics originate from; Living organisms
Synthetics originate from: Laboratories
6 physical methods of microbial control: Heat; autoclave (pasteurization); Filtration; Cold; Desiccation and high osmotic pressure; Radiation
Hyertonic High solute; Low solvent (cell loses water)
Plasmolysis when cell loses water
Hypotonic Low solute; High solvent (cell absorbs water)
Plasmoptysis Cell absorbs water and swells
Isotonic No movement; equal solute and solvent; equilibrium
2 forms of mutagenic electromagnetic radiation: ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
Why test water? Water plays a huge role in the transmission of disease
4 classes of communicable diseases: food and water; airborne; arthropods; contact
Genotype vs. Phenotype Genotype= Genetic/ DNA Phenotype= Observable characteristics
Type "O" blood is the universal _____________ donor
Type "AB" blood is the universal _____________ Acceptor
Reaction to anti-B indicates what blood type? B
Reaction to Anti-A indicates what blood type? A
No reaction to anti-A or anti-B indicates what blood type? O
if a person if Rh+ they have what antigen? Antigen D
Type 1 Hypersensitivity Antibody to antigen reaction
Type 2 Hypersensitivity Antibody to antigen on RBC
UV light is an example of what type of radiation? Non-ionizing
X-rays and gamma rays are examples of what type of radiation? Ionizing
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