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Animal Farm Vocab

Study Guide

ensconced settled comfortably
laborious requiring much work
enmity hatred
vivacious lively
apathy lack of interest, indifferent
acute sharp, intense
parasitical living/relying on others
cryptic secret/mysterious
indefatigable tireless
tractable easily managed/guided
ignominious disgraceful, shameful
impromptu done without preparation
canvass to go asking for votes
procured obtained through care or effort
eloquence power to win through speaking
articulate to put thoughts into words easily and clearly
malignity malice, extremely hated
capitulate surrender under certain terms
countenance expressions on the face
treachery deceit, betrayal
retinue a group of attendants or servants
conciliatory soothe, reconcile
taciturn speaking very little
eminent outstanding, distinguishing
demeanor way a person looks and acts
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