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Vocabulary Words

College Readiness 1: Top 150 ACT Vocab Words

TermPart of SpeechDefinition
Aloof Adjective Not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant
Ambiguous Adjective Open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning
Analyze Verb Examine in detail, typically for purposes of explanation and interpretation
Anecdote Noun Short and amusing story about a real incident or person
Antagonize Verb Cause someone to become hostile
Anticipate Verb Regard as probable; expect or predict
Apprehensive Adjective Anxious or fearful that something bad will happen
Arcane Adjective Mysterious or secret
Assert Verb State or fact a belief confidently and forcefully
Assess Verb Evaluate or estimate the nature, ability or quality of
Attribute Verb Regard something as being caused by someone or something
Bear Verb Endure an ordeal or difficulty
Befall Verb (Of something bad) happen to someone
Burgeon Verb Begin to grow or increase rapidly: flourish
Coherent Adjective Logical and consistent
Compassion Noun Concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others
Compensate Verb Make up for something unwelcome or unpleasant by exerting an opposite force of effect
Complement Noun A thing that complete or brings to perfection a larger whole
Compose Verb Write or create: or make up or constitute
Condescending Adjective Having or showing of superiority
Consecutive Adjective Following continuously; in unbroken or logical sequence
Contour Noun An outline, especially one representing or bounding the shape or form of something
Contract Verb Decrease in size, number or range
Contradict Verb Be in conflict with
Correlate Verb Have a mutual relationship or connection
Corollary Noun A direct or natural consequence or result
Critical Adjective 1. expressing adverse or disapproving
Cumbersome Adjective Large or heavy therefore difficult to use or slow and complicated therefore inefficient
Deficit Noun The amount by which something is too small
Demean Verb Cause a severe loss in the dignity of and respect for someone or something
Depict Verb Show or represent
Determine Verb Cause something to occur in a particular way: be the decisive factor in
Adhere Verb Stick completely to a surface or believe in and follow the practices of
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