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Newborn jitteriness
planning to get pregnant 165-185 lbs
growth and development infant weight triples
baby in crib moro reflex
(select all) c-section everything but antibiotic
cystic fibrosis/distended abdomen is not barrel chested or club fingers
infant safety baby on floor
birth control take 2 plus backup
Apgar, what do you do after 1st assessment dry the baby
rH immunoglobulin hold the medication
(select all) iron constipation, nausea, black stool
kegel exercises stop pee midstream
otitis media down & back
scoliosis bend at hip, hands hang down
gestational HTN is not "NO SALT"
Naegels rule 4.22
cleft palate nipple in the middle
4 month old cooing and eye contact
4 year old dressing up
childhood development cant stack 6 blocks
meningitis antibiotics for 10 days
immunizations shouldn't notice a change
lead teaching iron deficiency in kids
diabetic insulin increasing She goes to the Dr and he increased her insulin
how to feed baby with down syndrome put the food at the corner of their mouth
9 year old in traction healthy diet
contractions dilate the cervix
woman hasn't peed yet put her in restroom to encourage
postpartum blues hormones
postpartum depression how do you feel about the baby?
toilet training praise them
cord care fold down diaper
child neglect document and call supervisor
pediculisis petroleum jelly for pregnant woman and small baby, treatment for everyone else
croup keep trach set at bedside
diarrhea monitor I & O
Down Syndrome signs extra (number 21) chromosome, separated sagittal suture, eyes slanted upward and outward, small nose
Prenatal Vitamns folic acid, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, and vitamins B6, B12, C, and D
4 Year old growth and development Climbs, Jumps, laces shoes, brushes teeth, 1500 word vocabulary
Lead poisoning signs irritability, sleepiness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea, decreased activity, seizures
Transition phase labor Phase 3 of the first stage of labor, cervix 8-10 cm, contractions 45-90 seconds long, 2-3 mins apart
Immediate postpartum care Check fundus q15min, check lochia (color, volume) q15min, VS q15min, fundal height 1cm above umbilicus for first 12 hours then descend 1 finger breadth each day until day 10
Otitis Media Often preceded by respiratory infection, fever, chills, HA, ear noises, deafness, sharp pain, head rolling, crying, irritability; position in bed on side of involved ear to promote drainage
Cardiac Disease in pregnancy Monitor VS and EKG, assess for signs of HF, monitor activity level, encourage rest, avoiding upper respiratory infection
Stages of Labor 1:regular contractions, 2:complete dilation to the birth of the infant, 3:time from birth of infant to delivery of placenta, 4:1-4 hours after birth
Apgar Score Heart rate, respiratory rate, muscle tone, reflexes, and color; 0-3: critically low, 4-6: fairly low, 7-10: normal
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