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STNA word (E,F,G,H)

written words

Edema The swelling of body tissues with water; swelling caused by fluid in collecting tissues
Elastic Able to return to an original shape or size after being stretched, squeezed, etc
Elastic stocking This stocking stretches and holds the leg and foot frim. It prevent blood clots and swelling
Elevate Head The person's bed is elevated at the head, or pillows place under the head of body to elevate it. Help breathing, heart circulation and digest food better.
Elimination the act of discharging or excreting waste products from the body
Emesis Vomitus, the act of throwing up undigested food and drink from the stomach.
Emesis Basin The small kidney shape basin, it can be used for emesis(vomit), or mouth care.
Emotional Needs The need for interactions with others, love and affection. it is the 3rd level of Maslow's Hierachy.
Emotional Support The support of others during illness, bad events and circumstances.
Empathy The ability to put yourself in someone's else loss. Resident's dog dies, and you remember your dog died and you feel for the resident.
Emphysema a condition of the lung with abnormal enlargement of alveoli with loss of pulmonary elasticity . sign/symptom of shortness of breath => decrease heart action
Epilepsy Seizures. disorder of the nervous system that can causes person to have violent, uncontrolled movements of the body, person can become unconscious.
Ethics The knowledge of what is right conduct and wrong conduct
Evacuation The process of leaving, leaving quickly during fire, hurricane, tornado, bomb threat, etc.
Extremity The arms, hands, leg and foot of the body
Eye Glasses glasses for eye that improve your vision to 20/20
Falls When a person bumps something, lose balance and down to floor or ground. To come or go down suddenly from a standing position
False Imprisonment Unlawful restraint or restriction of a person's freedom of movement. Tieing someone
Fecal Impaction The prolonged retention and buildup of feces in the rectum
Feces solid waste that is released from the body
Feeding The process of giving a person food, either directly or giving them cues
Financial Abuse Use of someone's else money without their consent.
Fire the light and heat and especially the flame produced by burning. Fire drill, close all doors (PASS) and RACE abbreviation
First Aid The immediate care given before EMS arrive. Emergency treatment given to a sick or injured person
Flatus gas expelled out of the body via the rectum
Flexed : to bend (a body part. eg. to bend the knee.
Fluid liquid substance of things dranked. eg measuring fluid intake or measuring fluid output in cc/ml each line is 25 cc
Fluid intake eg. milk water, coffee. measuring fluid intake from 120cc and 240cc glasses.
Foley Catheter a catheter with an inflatable balloon tip for retention in the bladder
Foot board a board place at the foot of bed to prevent foot drop. it keeps the foot in proper position
Foot Care The care of foot, wash, dry and moisturize. Check between toes and dry them.
Foot Drop The foot falls down at the ankle; permanent plantar flexion
Fowler's Position A semi-sitting position; the head of the bed is raised between 45 and 60 degrees.
Fractures A broken bone
Fraud Saying or doing something to trick, fool or deceive a person
frayed Cord An electrical cord that is broken and the electrical wiring can be seen
Free from disease the person as no disease. No sign and and symptoms of infection or disease
Frequent Urination going to urinate often. This is associated with Diabetes or Urinary tract infection
Gait Belt This belt is used to help transfer or ambulate a person. It provides support to you and help the person who has poor balance
Gastric Feedings Feedings given via a tube located in the nasal, abdominal area
Gastrostomy tube This tube is inserted in the stomach and is either sutured in or balloon edge with 5-10cc of Normal saline.
Geriatrics The branch of medicine concerned with the problems and diseases of old age and older persons. The care of aging people
Germ Transmission The transmission or spreading of a germs (pathogen) to another person or object, environment
Gerontology The study of the aging process
Gestures suggestions by verbal cues to help someone gain understanding of the information
Gifts to give someone a present. This unethical in health care, it is against company policy to except gifts.
Gloves equipment used to prevent the spread of germs to other residents. Prevent you from catching the germs from the patient.
Grieving Process The process of getting over someone expecting to die or someone has died. There are 5 stages (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance)
Group setting this setting involves a group of people, It can be used in psychotherapy treatment, assisted living
Hair care The care of hair, comb, brushing, and washing hair. You start at root and comb through the hair
Hallucinations something (such as an image, a sound, or a smell) that seems real but does not really exist and that is usually caused by mental illness or the effect of a drug
Hand Tremors a trembling of the hand or shaking usually from physical weakness, emotional stress, or disease
Hand-washing to was your hands for at least 20 seconds to prevent the spread of infection
Health-Care team The team that takes care of the resident, the nurse, MD, therapist, dietitian, STNA, clergy, activity director
hearing the process, function, or power of perceiving sound;. the resident can hear deep lower sounds better
Hearing aid a device that helps a person hear better, it is small and placed in the hear
Hearing impaired the hearing ability of a person impaired. they may used hearing aid
Hearing Loss the loss of hearing from cerumen (ear wax, nerves, ear part dyfunction
Heart Muscle The muscle of the heart called myocardium. it helps the heart contract
heat application The application of heat to relieve pain from swelling, muscles or nerve pain. Use of compresses, pad, ointment
height a measurement of how tall a person or things
hemiplegia Half of the body is paralysis on one side. There is no movement or very little movement
hepatitis B inflammation of the liver. There is no cure for it. it is transmitted especially by contact with infected blood or other bodily fluids
HIPAA abbreviation o for Health Insurance Portability, Accountability Act
HIV abbreviation for human Immuniodeficiency virus
holistic care Care that involves the whole person, the mind, body, and spiritual care
hormones a natural substance that is produced in the body and that influences the way the body grows or develops
hospice a facility or program designed to provide a caring environment for meeting the physical and emotional needs of the terminally ill
hydration To water something or give adequate fluids to a person that is dehydrated and need water in their tissues
hyperglycemia The blood has increase amount of sugar (glucose in the blood) . Normal is 80-120, so 140 or higher is hyperglycemia
hypertension Blood pressure measurement is above 140/90. Normal is 120/80, so higher measurement for 5 separate times is diagnosed as high blood oressure