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all of latin

dic,dict say, speak, assert
soli, sol alone, only
ben,bon good, well
mal bad, ill
voc, vok voice, call
equ equal
loc, locat locate,location
vid, vis see
speci, spic, spect look at, examine
aud, audit to hear
con, co, col, com, cor together, with
contro, contra against
re, red back, again, anew
spect, speci look at, examine
pre before
dic, dict say, speak, assert
trans across
de down, away, from
post after, behind, later
ben, bon good, well
fac, fact, fect, fy, fic to make, do, couse
sci to know
scrib, script to write
e, ex out
in, ir, il, im not, in, into
com, cor, co, col, con together, with
tain, ten, tent, tin to hold
ject, jaci, jacu to throw
ad to, toward, near
vor to eat
carn flesh
herb plant
omni all
sub below, under, less than
super, supra above, over, more than
miss, mis, mit, mitt to send
pro, prod, por before, instead of, in behalf of
vert, vers to turn
viv, vit alive, to live
fer, ferous bear, carry, produce
multi many
dent tooth
corpor body
capit head
manu hands
ped foot
pel to drive
duct, duce to lead, draw
rupt, rout to break, burst
string, strict, strain to bind, draw, tight
tort, tors twist, wind
cred, credit believe, trust
frag, fract, frang, fring to break
flect, flex to bend
di, dis, dif apart, different direction, not, very
cur, curr, curs, corr, cours to run
fid faith, trust
plict, plect, plex, pli, ple, ply to fold, twist, weave
fin border, limit, end
flu, fluct, flux to flow
vict, vinc to conquer
fort, forc strong
mob, mov to move
retro backward
sta, stat, stit, sist to put in place, to stand, to cause
tract, trah, trea, trai to drag
just, jur right, justice, oath
hort garden
hibern winter
cult cultivate, dwell, worship
flor, flora flower, flower life
arbor trees
serv save, protect, serve
inter, intel between, among
intra, intro inside, within
extro, extra, exter outside of, within
cap, cip, capt, ciept, cieve to take
gress, grad step, walk, go
later side
ting, tang, tact, tag, tig to touch
uni one
bi two
du two, double
cent, centi one hundred
anni, enni year
medi middle
circu around, about
semi half
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