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Earth Science

E.S. Chapter 6 Section 1-2

97.2% ____% is stored in oceans
2.15% ice sheets and glaciers account for ____%
0.65% ____% is divided by lakes, streams, groundwater
water cycle this unending circulation of earths water supply is the _____ _____
infiltration __________ is the movement of surface water into rock or soil through cracks and pore spaces
transpiration plants also absorb water and release it into the atmosphere through __________
continents precipitation exceeds evaporation over ________
oceans over _______, evaporation exceeds precipitation
velocity _______ is the distance that water travels in a period of time
gradient ________ is the slope or steepness of a stream channel
tributary _________ is a stream that empties into another stream
meander _______ is a loop like bend in the course of a stream
outer bank a streams zone of maximum speed shifts toward its _____ ____ when a stream curves
friction the force that opposes the motion of one surface as it moves across another surface
streams _______ are earths most important agents of erosion
suspension most streams carry the largest part of their load in __________
bed load ___ ____ is that part of a streams load of solid material that is made up of sediment too large to be carried in suspension
capacity ________ of stream is the maximum load it can carry
deposition __________ occurs as stream flow drops below the critical settling velocity of a certain particle size
delta _____ is an accumulation of sediment formed where a stream enters a lake or ocean
floodplain __________ is the flat, low-lying portion of a stream valley subject to periodic flooding
flood _____ occurs when the discharge of a stream becomes so great that it exceeds the capacity of its channel and overflows its banks
drainage basin ________ _____ is the land area that contributes water to a stream. it is also called a watershed.
divide an imaginary line called a _______ separates the drainage basins of one stream to another
Created by: VickieJ10
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