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zoology notes

Part of the zoology notes for the quiz, what is going to be on there

Domain Eukarya
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Cnidaria
Classes Hydrozoa
Have Two cell layers with a hollow body called gastrovascular cavity? Epidermis-outer Gastrodermis- inner
Single opening to the gastrovascular cavity where food and water enter and waste leave? Mouth/Anus
What does it have around the mouth to pull in water and capture food? Tentacles
What includes corals, see anemones, and sea fans? Sessile members
What do they have as adults? Radial symmetry
What is contained called cnidocytes in their tentacles that contain coiled stingers called nematocysts that can shoot out and paralyze prey? Stinging cells
What are the two basic body forms? Polyps and medusa
How do polyps form? Are usually sessile with upright tentacles arranged around the mouth at the top and with thin layers of mesolgea.
How does medusa form? Are usually free- swimming, bell shaped animals with tentacles that hang down around the mouth and with a thick layer of mesolgea for support.
What is the sexual stage? Medusa
What is the example of Hydrozoa? Hydra, includes fresh water, sessile hydra (exists only as polyps).
What is the example of Scyphozoa? Jellyfish
What is the example of Anothozoa? Corals and cemineez
Created by: Katwill678