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FMS 6th Ch 4.3 (NG)


Rio Bravo (Rio Bravo) forms the border between Mexico and Texas
Peninsula piece of land surrounded on three sides by water
Baja California peninsula in Mexico
Gulf of Mexico a large gulf off the southeastern coast of North of America
Yucatan Peninsula a large peninsula that separates the Caribbean Sea from the Gulf of Mexico
Sierra Madre the chief mountain range in Mexico
Empire a land with different territories and peoples under a single ruler
Mestizos People of mixed Europeans and Indian ancestry
Missions church outposts
Haciendas huge expanses of farm or ranch land
Inflations a rise in prices that occurs when currency loses its buying power
Slash and burn agriculture the practice of burning forest in order to clear land for planting
Cash Crop a crop that farmers grow mainly to sell for a profit
Mexico City the capital of Mexico
Smog a mixture of smoke, chemicals, and fog
Maquiladoras foreign owned factories
Created by: Stoll FMS