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H I MV #1 Nouns

Helen I Master Vocabulary Review #1 Nouns

copia, ae f. supply; abundance
copiae, copiarum (f.) troops; forces (a military term)
Gallia, ae f. Gaul
gloria, ae f. glory
gratia, ae f. favor; influence; grace (in Christian Latin)
gratiae, gratiarum f. thanks
inopia, ae f. scarcity; want
Maria, ae f. Mary
nauta, ae m. sailor
porta, ae f. gate
provincia, ae f. province
Roma, ae f. Rome
silva, ae f. forest
terra, ae f. earth; land
via, ae f. road; way
victoria, ae f. victory
amicus, i m. friend
Christianus, i m. Christian
Christus, i m. Christ
Deus, Dei m. God
Dominus, i m. lord, master
filius, i m. son
Gallus,i m. a Gaul
gladius, i m. sword
mundus, i m. world
murus, i m. wall
populus, i m. people, nation
Romanus, i m. a Roman
servus, i m. slave, servant
bellum, i n. war
caelum, i n. sky, heaven
frumentum, i n. grain, (pl. crops)
imperium, i n. command, power, empire
oppidum, i n. town
periculum, i n. danger
praemium, i n. reward
regnum, i n. kingdom, royal power
signum, i n. sign, standard, signal
castra, castrorum n. camp
impedimenta, impedimentorum n. baggage, baggage train
Caesar, Caesaris m. Caesar
clamor, clamoris m. shout, shouting
dux, ducis leader
eques, equitis horseman, pl. calvalry
frater, fratris (fratrum) brother
homo, hominis man
imperator, imperatoris commander in chief, general
legio, legionis legion
lex, legis f. law
lux, lucis light
mater, matris (matrum) mother
miles, militis soldier
pater, patris (patrum) father
pax, pacis peace
princeps, principis cheif, leading man
rex, regis king
salus, salutis safety, welfare, salvation
veritas, veritatis truth
virtus, virtutis courage, virtue
vox, vocis voice, cry
caedes, caedis slaughter
collis, collis m. hill
gens, gentis tribe
hostis, hostis enemy (in war)
mons, montis m. mountian
pars, partis part
pons, pontis m. bridge
urbs, urbis city
agmen, agmenis n. column, army
corpus, corporis n. body
flumen, fluminis n. river
iter, itineris n. journey, march, route
nomen,nominis n. name
vulnus, vulneris n. wound
adventus, us arrival; coming
equitatus, us cavalry
exercitus,us army
impetus, us attack
metus, us fear
portus, us harbor
senatus, us senate
spiritus, us breath; spirit
acies, aciei battle line
fides, fidei faith; reliability; faithfulness
res, rei thing; affair
spes, spei hope
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