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Unit 7

Migration and Urbanization

emigration the process of leaving one country to take up permanent or semi-permanent residence
immigration the process of entering one country to take up permanent or semi-permanent residence
net migration the net effect of immigration and emigration on an area’s population in a given period of time
refugee a person who has been forced to leave his or her country in order to escape war, persecution or natural disaster
migration stream the constant flow of migrants from one country to another country
pull factor something that encourages people to move to a new place
push factor something that encourages people to leave a place behind
brain drain when a country loses its well-educated and trained workers due to emigration
archeologist a social scientist that studies ancient cultures through the examination of artifacts, buildings, and other remaining material evidence
artifacts material evidence from the past that are left for us to study
urbanization the movement of people from rural to urban areas
megacity a city with over 10 million people
slum a run-down area of a city with inadequate housing and lack of services such as water and sanitation
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