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Bio 094 Exam 4

Chapters 13,14,15,16 of Human Anatomy and Physiology

Gas Exchange occurs in the... Alveoli
What covers the larynx when we take in food or drink? Protects the superior opening of the larynx. Epiglottis
Muscle used for breathing is the.... Diaphragm
What is associated with both the digestive tract and the respiratory tract? The pharynx
Respiratory gases are exchanged by.... Diffusion
We breath in _____ and breath out ______. Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide.
Path of carbon dioxide as it leaves the body is... Alveoli>>bronchi>>trachea >>larynx>>pharynx
Amount of air a person can breath in and out is called.... Vital Capacity
Three respiratory diseases are.... Emphysema, bronchitis and COPD.
What is used to take BP and listen for lung sounds? The stethoscope
Stages of food processing in order.. ingestion>digestion> absorption>defecation
Path that food is processed... pharynx>esophagus> stomach>small intestine >large intestine
Fat is digested where? The Stomach
What lies between the pharynx and the stomach? The Esophagus
What does the tongue do? Pushes, shapes and tastes food.
Liver secretions are stored here before they go to the small intestine. Common bile duct
The fertilized egg contains __ chromosomes and implants where? Contains 46 chromosomes and implants in the uterine wall.
Seminal vesicles are found here and produce what? Behind the male bladder and produce semen.
This fills the placenta and provides cushion for the fetus. Amniotic fluid
Cell division that reduces chromosomes by half Meiosis
Male sex chromosomes are noted as.... XY
Its called _____ when the female ovary releases an ovum and happens every 28 days. Ovulation
What meets at the ejaculatory duct? The vas deferens and the seminal vesicle.
Sperm migrate here to mature? The epididymis
Outermost region of the kidney is... Renal Cortex
Innermost region of the kidney is..... Renal Medulla
Urine formation occurs in this order.... Glomerulus>Bowmans Capsule>Proximal tubule> Loop of Henle>Distal tubule>Collecting duct
Urine elimination occurs in this order.... Collecting duct>Renal Pelvis> Ureters>Bladder>Urethra
What is commonly found in urine... Urea
What forms the Renal Corpuscle? Bowmans capsule and glomerulus
The kidneys do what? Adjust body fluids, regulate BP and eliminate waste.
How long do sperm stay in the epididymis before they become mature and motile? 20 days
The stomach is the site of..... Chemical digestion
When does digestion begin? When food enters the oral cavity.
Salivary enzymes begin the process of.... Carbohydrate digestion
Wave-like motion that moves food through the GI tract. Peristalsis
What reabsorbs water and concentrates stool for elimination? Large intestine
Urine passes from the kidney to the bladder by way of the.... Ureters
Main functioning unit of the renal system.... The nephron
The respiratory system includes the... Nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and the lungs which contain alveoli.
The pharynx or "throat" is a passageway for what? Food and air
Gas exchanges occur between the blood and cells inside the body in what stage of respiration? Internal respiration
When air is flowing into the lungs its called what? Inspiration
Normal quiet breathing moves approximately 500 ml of air into and out of the lungs with each breath. This respiratory volume is referred to as.... Tidal Volume
As air flows into and out of the respiratory tree, it produces two recognizable sounds that can be picked up with a stethoscope...what are these sounds? Bronchial sounds and Vesicular breathing sounds.
Muscular tube extending from the pyloric sphincter is... the small intestine
The three subdivisions of the small intestines are... Duodenum, jejunum, ileum
Digestive function of the liver... To produce bile.
As food is mixed with saliva, salivary amylase begins the digestion of starch, which breaks it down to this.... Maltose
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