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Weather test review

High fluffy clouds in the sky are called ______________ clouds. cumulus
___________________ occurs before precipitation in the water cycle. condensation
__________________ occurs after condensation in the water cycle. precipitation
_________________ occurs after precipitation in the water cycle. evaporation
The part of the water cycle where cloud droplets are formed precipitation
The part of the water cycle where surface water is returned to the atmosphere evaporation
Rain falls from clouds when... raindrops become large enough
Feather-like clouds that tell us the direction of the weather are called ______________ clouds. cirrus
The 3 ingredients of weather include.... water, sun, and the rotation of the earth
What tools measures temperature? thermometer
What tool measures wind speed? anemometer
Gray sheets or blankets of clouds that cover the sky are called ___________ clouds. stratus
Cold fronts bring what type of weather? thunderstorms and then cold temperatures
A warm front brings what type of weather? sunny and warm
The weather symbol for a cold front looks like... a line with pointed triangles.
The weather symbol for a warm front looks like.... a line with half circles.
The weather symbol for a stationary front looks like... a line with both pointed triangles and half circles.
What is a front? an area where 2 different air masses meet
What tool measures rain? rain guage
Name the source of power for the water cycle. the sun
Hurricanes occur in which 2 seasons. fall and summer
Tornadoes form from... thunderstorms.
Created by: mrushton
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