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Intracranial Hemrg

Neuro Exam

Hemorrhage between the dura and inner surface of skull. Usually arterial (middle menineal artery). Epidural Hematoma
An epidural hemorrhage is considered to have a ______ onset. Rapid
This occurs 80% of fronto-temporal lobes. Epidural Hematoma
Due to ______ ______, pressure is exerted on brain tissue, resulting in neurological compromise. Epidural Hematoma
Classic presentation of what, is immediate post-traumatic period of unconsciousness, followed by a lucid interval that is usually brief (few minutes)? Epidural Hematoma
Followed by classic presentation of epidural hemorrhage, there is a rapid deterioration in _____. LOC
What changes in LOC are seen with Epidural Hematoma? Sleepiness, confusion, coma, possibly death
Enlarging pupil on same side of injury (ipsilateral), HA, seizures, and motor weakness are also sym of what? Epidural Hematoma
OR stat- craniotomy with evacuation and decompression is the medical management of what? Epidural Hematoma
Epidural Hematoma: What test is done to monitor size of hematoma? CT scan
Mortality rate of Epidural Hematoma is dependent on what? Availability of neurosurgical tx
Surgery for this is a life-saving measure. There is no guarantee of quality of life. Epidural Hematoma
Rupture of small vessels that bridge dura space, covers surface area of brain. Associated with therapeutic anticoagulation. Subdural Hematoma
Subdural Hematoma is considered to be venous with _______ onset. Slow
Hx of fall or injury (within 1-2 weeks), no abn neuro sym at time of injury, gait apraxia, mild hemiparesis, minor alterations in LOC, HA are sym of what? Subdural Hematoma
These are small and will reabsorb over time. Subdural Hematoma
Large ________ __________ with significant neuro compromise requires surgical evacuation Subdural Hematomas
Surgical procedure for Subdural Hematoma Burr hole and drain
__________ and evacuation of hematoma needed if clotted blood is to gelatinous to be evacuated through burr hole. Craniotomy
Why is Subdural Hematoma slower in geriatric pts than younger ones? Older have more room in head d/t brain atrophy
Created by: mreedy