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Science chapter 20

chapter 20

What are the three protists groups? proclucers, heterotrophs that move, and heterotrophs that can't move
What protists are producers? algae, seaweeds, red algae, green algae, brown algae, single-celled algae, diatoms, dinaoflagellates
Where do algae live? what do they all have? in water. chlorophyll
red algae live where? what do they have? deep in the tropical waters. chlorophyll, red pigment
what does the red pigment in red algae do? allows the algae to absorb the light in deep waters
what is an example of red algae? sebdenia
where do green algae live? what do they have? water, moist soil, melting snow, tree trunks, and inside other organisms. some live in groups called colonies
what is an example of green algae? volvox
What are in euglenoids? chloroplasts, nucleus, contractile vacuole, eyespot, and flagella (usually two), they are single-celled
What is an eyespot? it is not an eye it is something that senses light
contractile vacuole? holds excess water and removes it from the cell
where do euglenoids live? freshwater
Heterotrophs that move usually are... single-celled consumers or parasites
heterotrophs are also known as... protozoans
amoebas where do they live? what do they have? fresh and salt water and parasites in animals. contractile vacuole, psuedopodia
what do shelled-amoeba have? some have outershells like radiolarians
what is an example of a shelled-amoeba with a snail-like shell? foraminiferans
where do zooflagellates live? water and some are protists
if the zooflagekllate is a protist they might live in... mutualism
mutualism where one organism lives closely with another helping each other to live
ciliates have what? cilia
cilia hair like structures
what is an example of ciliates? paramecium
what do paramecium have? macronucleus, micronucleus, food vacuole, cilia, contractive vacuole, anal pore, and food passageway
macronucleus the larger nucleus that controls the functions of the cell
micronucleus smaller nucleus that passes genetic info to another paramecium during sexual reproduction
what are water molds? decomposers or parasites
heterotrophs that can't move are.. spore-forming protists
parasite absorbs nutrients from host
can slime molds move? during a certain phase of their life cycle they can move using psuedopodia.
what do slime molds eat? bacteria and yeast
spores small reproductive cells covered by a thick cell wall
what can survive long periods of time without water or nutrients? spores
what kind of reproduction do protists have? asexual and sexual
binary fission single celled protist divides into 2
multiple fission make more than 2 offspring from one parent
what uses sexual reproduction? paramecia
2 paramecia exchange DNA then they... divide into 4 paramecia
Can protist reproduce both ways? yes, some alternate between generations while some depend on environment (like slime mold)
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