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chap 10.

Stack #205585

Two types of cells that make up neural tissue neurons and neuroglicial cells
The nervous system is divided into two divisons? CNS and PNS
the ? nervous system contains the brain and spinal cord Central
the? nervous system contains the spinal and cranial nerves Peripheral
list 2 divisons of the peripheral nervous system sensory and motor divison
2 divisions of the motor division somatic and autonomic
which division of the motor division carries impulses to the heart? autonomic
which divison of the motor division carries impules to the skeletal muscles? somatic
Which division of the peripheral nervous system carries impules to the muscles and glands? motor divison
which division of the PNS picks up sensory info and sends it to the CNS? Sensory division
3 functions of the nervous system sensory, integrative and motor functions
which function uses sensory info. to create sensations, though, memory and decisions integrative function
which function carries impules to effectors? motor functions
Which function carries info to the CNS sensory
Name the two types of matter when discussing myelination of axons white and grey matter
White? Grey? White= axons grey= dendrites
3 structural types of neurons bipolar, unipolar, and mulitpolar
what is the function of interneurons? link neurons
EfferentAfferent? Efferent- carries impules away CNSAfferent- carries impules to CNS
___ neruons carry impulses away from CNS motor
___ neurons carry impulses toward CNS sensory
6 neuroglial cells in the PNS? 1. Schawann 2. Satellite 3. Microglia 4. astrocye 5. oligodendrites 6. ependyma
sheath of insulation around axon Schwann Cells
Support clusters of neuron cells (ganglia) Satellite Cells
Phagocytic cells? Microglia
Scar Tissue, connect neurons to blood Vessels Astrocyte
Myelinating cells(insulated) Oligodendrites
cilliated, line center of spinal corld Ependyma
Which end of injured axon is the end where growth begins when the axon regenerates? Proximal
During axon regeneration_____ cells produce a new layer of myelin sheath. Schwann
Nerve impules travel from neuron to neuron at junctions called? Synapse
At resting membrane potential the ions are? Polarized(apart)
If a membrane has become more Neg. it has become? hyperpolarized
If membrane has become less Neg. it has become? depolarized
The adding of stimuli to each other is called? summation
When stimuli add up to the point of producing an action potential it is known as? threshold
What is ment by the nervous systems chara. is "all or none responce" no such thing as a weak impulse
What is ment by refractory peroid? reting peroid between impuless
2 types of refractory peroids? absolute and relative
What is diff. between the two types of refractory peroids? absoulute= rest peroid and relative= resting but another impulse is soon to happen
Name 2 types of synapic potenial EPSP and IPSP
which type of synapic potential increases the likeliness of action potential EPSP
Created by: Mollie28