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Politics and Law

Year 8 Politics and Law

What does Bicameral mean? A government having two chambers, upper and lower.
What is a Cabinet? People selected by the prime minister to make key decisions of government.
What is Coalition? When two political parties join together to become one political party.
What is Constitution? The set of guidelines that are approved by the governor general that the Australian government has to follow.
What is Constitutional monarchy? Type of government that is based on a constitution and has a queen or king as its head of state.
What is Democracy? The people elect the government during an election period.
What is an Electorate? An area ruled by a representative of the government.
What age do you have to be to be an Eligible voter? People who are 18 or older.
What is Federation? The process of separate states joining together under one central government.
When did Federation occur? 1901
What is an Independent? A candidate or elected member of parliament who is not a member of a political party.
What is a Minister? Are in charge of a government department that puts bills into action for that department.
What is a Monarchy? King or Queen is head of state. Britain's Queen, for example, has very little political power.
What is the Opposition? The opposition is the party against the leading party.
What is a Political party? A group of people that campaign to be elected as Prime Minister.
What is a Whip? A member of parliament who makes sure that other members are available for an important vote.
What colour is the Senate? Red
What colour is the House of Representatives? Green
What is the head of Australia’s government referred to? Prime Minister
What is the head of the State government referred to? Premier
What is the head of the local council referred to? Mayor
Who is Australia’s Current prime Minister? Malcolm Turnbull
What party does the current prime minister belong to? Liberal Party
Who is the current deputy Prime Minister? Warren Truss
Who is the Current Federal Opposition Leader? Bill Shorten
What party does the current opposition leader belong to? Labor Party
Who is the current Governor General? Sir Peter Cosgrove
Who was the previous Governor General? Dame Quenton Byce
What is the name of Australia’s first Prime Minister? Edmund Barton
What is the name of Australia’s first female Prime Minister? Julia Gillard
List the previous five Prime Ministers and their parties Tony Abbot- Liberal Party Kevin Rudd- Labor Party Julia Gillard-Labor Party Kevin Rudd-Labor Party John Howard-Liberal Party
Who is the Treasurer of Australia? Scott Morison
What does the Treasurer do? The treasurer is responsible for managing the national economy.
Who is the Foreign Affairs Minister? Julie Bishop
What does the Foreign affairs minister do? Are responsible for International relationships.
Who is the Attorney General? George Brandis
Who is Victoria’s Premier? Daniel Andrews
What party does the current Victorian premier belong to? Labor Party
Who is the State opposition leader? Matthew Guy
What Party does the state opposition leader belong to? Liberal Party
Who was the Last Premier of Victoria? Denis Nepthine
What electorate do we live in (Wangaratta)? Indi
Who is the member for our electorate? Cathy McGowan
What party does she belong to? Independent
Who was the previous member for electorate? Sophie Mirabella
What party did the previous member for electorate belong to? Liberal Party
Who was the last mayor of Wangaratta? Rozi Parisotto
How many members does the House of Representatives have? 150 members
How many Senators are there in the Senate? 72 members
Created by: Ebonywatson1
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