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NRTC Fundes Urinary

Fundamentals II CH 29 Urinary

Urine output should average ____mL per hr 30
urine at room temperature changes characteristics after______ 15minutes
the urinary tract structure that conducts urine outward urinary meatus
tubes that drain urine from kidneys to bladder ureters
what type of tissue is the bladder made of transitional epithelium
reference range for specific gravity of urine 1.005-1.030
reference range for urine pH 5.45-7pH
Type of catheter used for continuous bladder irrigation triple lumen (Alcock)
300mL of urine in a 24 hr period can be described as oliguria
100mL of urine or less in a 24hr period can be described as anuria
removal of the bladder is termed cystectomy
The action ADH has on the body causes H20 reabsorption
when using a bedpan how should the patient be positioned as close to sitting/up right as possible (high fowlers)
catheter used for males with an enlarged prostate coude tip catheter
indwelling urinary catheter Foley Catheter
temporary catheter without a balloon straight catheter (robinson)
Created by: kleer