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Neuro Assessment

Neuro Exam

Term used when pt not oriented, does not follow commands, or needs persistent stimuli to achieve a state of alertness Altered LOC
The earliest and most sensitive indicator that the pt's neuro status has changed LOC
Term for no purposeful response Coma
______ ________ is a term for unresponsive, no voluntary movement. Akinetic mutism
Term for unresponsive, has sleep-wake cycle after coma, no cognitive funcion Persistent Vegetative State
Term for pons injury, paralysis, has vertical eye movement and lid elevation. Rapid infusion of Na can cause this. Locked-in syndrome
LOC indicates state of awareness and Cortical function
Assessment tool that evaluates three areas Glasgow Coma Scale
What three areas does the Glasgow Coma Scale evaluate? Eye opening, verbal response, and motor response
Highest score of GCS is? 15
Lowest score of GCS is? 3
GCS of 8 or under indicates? Coma
How could we assess attention and concentration? Count backwards by 7, Days of the week backwards
How could we assess recent memory? Name 3-4 objects, recite after 5 minutes
How could we assess remote memory? Have pt recall things in the past
Term for display of emotions; calm and appropriate, cheerful or inappropriate, flat, dull, depressed Affect
Term for ability to assess and monitor one's own cognitive, motor, or sensory function Insight
Person with impairments in insight may not have insight into? Example? Consequences; think can drive but forget where going
In an unconscious pt, stimuli may illicit an _________ response Abnormal
Response to pain can be evaluated by what two actions? Sternal rub, squeezing of nail bed
Term for abnormal flexion Decorticate posturing
Term for abnormal extension Decerebrate posturing
________ posturing is a sign of a more severe prognosis (brain stem, cerebellum) Decerebrate
Babinski reflex is _________ response and is abnormal. Positive
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