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Catechism 1-15

Rhetoric for Challenge A

8.What is the importance of ozone? Ozone is an important chemical because it absorbs deadly radiation from the sun.
9. What is the percentage of oxygen necessary for human life? The earth's atmosphere must always contain 21% oxygen to maintain life.
10. What is the definition of cataclysm? Cataclysm is a violent, sudden change or disaster.
1. What does the theory of evolution state? The theory of evolution states that life began as a chance combination of nonliving chemicals.
2. In the Psalms, what do the Heavens declare? The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Psalm 19:21
3.What does the second law of thermodynamics, also called the law of entropy, express? The second law of thermodynamics, also called the law of entropy, expresses that anything organized tends to become disorganized over time.
4. What makes up our solar system? Our solar system is made up of a sun, eight planets and their moons, and thousands of asteroids.
5. Describe the sun. The sun is an unusual, small, yellow star that porvides the perfect amount of energy for life on earth.
6. According to Psalm 24, what belongs to the Lord? The earth is the Lord's and everything in it, the world and all who live in it. Psalm 24:1
7. What does the theory of the greenhouse effect suggest? The greenhouse theory suggests that as atmospheric carbon dioxide increases, the earth's temperature increases.
11. What is the definition of uniformitarianism? Uniformitarianism is the belief that Earth's past geological changes can be fully explained by processes taking place now.
12. What does the theory of continental drift state? The theory of continental drift states that the continental plates can move.
13. What is radiometric dating? Radiometric dating uses the decay rate of radioactive material to date objects.
14. Why is radiometric dating inaccurate? Radiometric dating is inaccurate because it assumes that specifics are known about the original material.
15. What is the definition of organic matter? Organic matter comes from, or is made up of, once-living things.
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