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Term 4 Reading 1

This is the stack for the reading test in Term 4

juuyon sai 14 years old
juunana sai 17 years old
nana nensei Year 7
hachi nensei Year 8
kyuu nensei Year 9
nihon jin Japanese
kankoku jin Koreans
chuugoku jin Chinese
IGIRISU jin English
umaremashita was born
kazoku family
hitori 1 person
futari 2 people
san nin 3 people
yo nin 4 people
sundeimasu live
otoosan father
okaasan mother
imooto little sister
otooto little brother
oniisan elder brother
oneesan elder sister
neko cat
inu dog
imasu have
imasen don't have
shumi hobby/hobbies
dokusho reading
suiei swimming
yakyuu baseball
tabemono food
nomimono drinks
gohan rice
niku meat
sakana fish
yasai vegetables
kudamono fruits
mizu water
misoshiru miso soup
koocha English tea
tabetai desu want to eat
tabetakunai desu don't want to eat
shimau play/do
nomimasu drink
ikimasu go
mimasu to see/ watch/ look
nan gatsu what month
kendoo Japanese fencing
ocha green tea
gyuunyuu milk
toriniku chicken
butaniku pork
asagohan breakfast
hirugohan lunch
dinner bangohan
nani what
ichigatsu January
shigatsu April
kugatsu September
daisuki love
nomimasen don't drink
suki like
maa maa suki so-so / okay
kirai dislike
daikirai hate
mainichi everyday
yoku often
tokidoki sometime
zenzen...masen not at all
amari...masen not very often
nichi yoobi Sunday
getsu yoobi Monday
doko where
ka yoobi Tuesday
sui yoobi Wednesday
moku yoobi Thursday
kin yoobi Friday
do yoobi Saturday
Created by: GSG8nensei



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