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Chapter 40

Wheelock's Latin Vocabulary - Chapter 40

dominus master, lord domini, m.
domina mistress, lady dominae, f.
lacrima tear lacrimae, f.
meta turning point, goal; limit, boundary metae, f.
monumentum monument monumenti, n.
nasus nose nasi, m.
saxum rock, stone saxi, n.
vultus countenance, face vultus, m.
iustus, a, um just, right adjective
tot so many, as many indeclinable adjective
tot . . . quot as many . . . as phrase
praeter besides, except; beyond, past prep. + acc.
nonne (asks a question expecting the answer yes) interrogative adverb
num (asks a question expecting the answer no) interrogative adverb
omnino wholly, entirely, altogether; (with negatives) at all adverb
postremum after all, finally; for the last time adverb
quin indeed, in fact, furthermore adverb
explico to unfold; explain; spread out, deploy explicare, explicavi, explicatum
fatigo to weary, tire out fatigare, fatigavi, fatigatum
for to speak prophetically, talk, foretell fari, fatus sum
opinor to suppose opinari, opinatus sum
reperio to find, discover, learn; get reperire, repperi, repertum
vereor to show reverence for, respect; be afraid of, fear vereri, veritus sum
aes bronze aeris, n.
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