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Wheelock's Ch. 5-7

adulescentia, adulescentiae f., youth, youthfulness
animus, animi m., soul, spirit, mind
animi, animorum m., high spirits, pride, courage
caelum, caeli n., sky, heaven
culpa, culpae f., fault, blame
culpo below
gloria, gloriae f., glory, fame
verbum, verbi n., word
te you, yourself
liber, libera, liberum free
noster, nostra, nostrum our, ours
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum beautiful, handsome, fine
sanus, sana, sanum sound, healthy, sane
igitur therefore, consequently, ergo
propter on account of, because of
cras tomorrow
heri yesterday
quando when
si quando if ever
satis enough, sufficient
tum then, at that time, thereupon, in the next place
ceno, cenare, cenavi, cenatum to dine
culpo, culpare, culpavi, culpatum to blame, censure
maneo, manere, mansi, mansum to remain, stay, stay behind, abide, continue
remaneo, remanere, remansi, remansum to remain, stay, stay behind, abide, continue
supero, superare, superavi, superatum to be above
deus, dei or di m., god
dea, deae f., goddess
discipulus, discipuli m., student, learner, pupil
discipula, discipulae f., student, learner, pupil
insidiae, insidiarum f. pl., ambush, plot, treachery
liber, libri m., book
tyrannus, tyranni m., absolute ruler, tyrant
vitium, vitii n., fault, crime, vice
Graecus, Graeca, Graecum Greek
Graecus, Graeci m., a Greek
perpetuus, perpetua, perpetuum perpetual, lasting, uninterrupted, continuous
plenus, plena, plenum full, abundant, generous
salvus, salva, salvum safe, sound
secundus, secunda, secundum second; favorable
vester, vestra, vestrum your
tuus, tua, tuum yours
ubi where, when
ibi there
nunc now, at present
quare therefore, wherefore, why
possum, posse, potui to be able, can, could, have power
tolero, tolerare, toleravi, toleratum to bear, endure
amor, amoris m., love
carmen, carminis n., song, poem
civitas, civitatis f., state, citizenship
corpus, corporis n., body
homo, hominis m., human being, man
labor, laboris m., labor, work, toil; a work, production
littera, litterae f., a letter of the alphabet
litterae, litterarum f., a letter, literature
mos, moris m., habit, custom, manner
mores, morum m., habits, morals, character
nomen, nominis n., name
pax, pacis f., peace
regina, reginae f., queen
rex, regis m., king
tempus, temporis n., time; occasion, opportunity
terra, terrae f., earth, ground, land, country
uxor, uxoris f., wife
virgo, virginis f., maiden, virgin
virtus, virtutis f., manliness, courage; excellence, character, worth, virtue
novus, nova, novum new, strange
post after, behind
sub under, close to; down to/into, to/at the foot of
audeo, audere, ausus sum to dare
neco, necare, necavi, necatum to murder, kill
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