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Neuro Exam

Which lobe? Planning, organizing, problem solving, selective attention, personality, judgement, behavior and emotions, expressive language, memory for habits and motor activities Frontal
Deficits of this lobe include: impairment of recent memory, inattentiveness, inability to concentrate, behavior disorders, difficulty in learning new information, lack of inhibition, emotional labile, expressive/motor aphasia/Brocha's aphasia Frontal
Which lobe? Processing of sensory input, sensory discrimination, touch perceptions, body orientation, and directed movements Parietal
Deficits of this lobe include: Difficulty with eye-hand coordination, reading, math, and writing; inability to discriminate between sensory stimuli, and inability to locate and recognize parts of the body Parietal
What is the term for the inability to locate and recognize parts of the body? Neglect
What lobe? Visual reception, recognition, and interpretation Occipital
Deficit of this lobe: Loss of vision in opposite field, loss of ability to recognize object seen in opposite field, color agnosia, problems with reading and writing, hemianopsia, and scotoma Occipital
Term for blindness for half the field of vision of one or both eyes Hemianopsia
Term for island-like blind gap in visual field Scotoma
Which lobe? Auditory receptive area, expressive behavior, language and receptive speech, memory and information retrieval Temporal
Deficit of this lobe: Hearing, receptive or Wernicke's aphasia, agitation, irritability, childish behavior Temporal
Created by: mreedy