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Weathering the gradual wearing down of a geological formation due to physical or chemical changes to the surfaces of rock
Erosion rock or soil of Earth's surface is moved to another location by the flow of water, ice or wind, as well as the constant pull of gravity
Deposition occurs as sediment, which is created by weathering and erosion, then moved by gravity, settles in a different location
Watershed an area of land from which water flows into a larger body of water such as a river, lake, stream, ocean, or aquifer
Groundwater obtained from aquifers, which are areas located underground where water is stored in the pore spaces of soil and rock
Point Source Pollution the source of chemicals or other contaminants is apparent, such as a wastewater treatment plant or a factory that releases waste directly into the water
Non-Point Source Pollution no single source of pollution is evident, but contaminants still exist, such as fertilizer or pet waste running off from suburban yards and into storm drains.
agents of erosion wind, running water, ice and gravity
Watershed the basin or area of land in which a specific drainage system lies
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