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First Aid: Psychiatry

Depression in an infant owing to continued sepration from caregivers, can result in failure to thrive. Anaclitic depression
Disorder involving severe communication problems and difficulty forming relationships, characterized by repetitive behavior and unusual abilities. Autistic disorder
Similar to autism but milder in presentation with patients having normal intelligence. Asperger disorder
X-linked disorder seen only in girls involving loss of development and mental retardation starting at age 4. Stereotypical hand-wringing. Rett disorder; sporadic mutation of MECP2
What is the treatment of ADHD? Methylphenidate (Ritalin)
What is the treatment of tourette's syndrome? Haloperidol
What neurotransmitter changes are seen with depression? Decrease in norepinephrine and serotonin
What neurotransmitter changes are seen with alzheimer's? Decrease ACh
What neurotransmitter changes are seen with huntington's? Decreased GABA and ACh
What neurotransmitter changes are seen with Parkinsons? Decreased dopamine
What neurotransmitter changes are seen with schizophrenia? Increased dopamine
What is the difference between and anterograde and retrograde amnesia? anterograde, unable to form new memories after insult; retrograde, unable to recall things prior to insult
What is Korsakoff amnesia? Thiamine deficiency leading to bilateral destruction of mamillary bodies resulting in anterograde amnesia; commonly seen in severe alcoholics.
Gradual decrease in cognition resulting in memory deficits. Dementia
What's the difference between a hallucination, illusion, and delusion? Hallucination, perception w/out external stimuli; illusion, misinterpretation of external stimuli; delusion, fixed, false belief.
Visual and auditory hallucinations are associated with this condition? Schizophrenia
Olfactory hallucinations are associated with this condition? Aura of epilepsy
Loose associations are associated with this condition. Schizophrenia
What is the difference between manic and hypomanic mood disturbances? hypomanic mood disturbances are not severe to cause marked impairment in social or occupational function.
This disorder is associated with limited emotional expressivity and content with social isolation. Schizoid; distinct from avoidant personality in that they are content with isolation
Disorder associated with odd beliefs or magical thinking as well as an eccentric appearance. Schizotypal
Disorder associated with excessive emotionality, attention seeking, and sexually provocative behavior. Histrionic
Disorder associated with disregard for and violation of rights of others as well as criminality. Antisocial
Excessive dieting or excersise with body image distortion. Disorder? Anorexia nervosa; commonly adolescent girls
Binge eating followed by self induced vomiting or use of laxatives. Parotitis, enamel erosion, and electrolyte disturbances are various findings. Bulimia nervosa;
Withdrawel from this substance is notable for insomnia, sweating, dilated pupils, and piloerection. Opiods
Recently incarcerated patient presents with tachycardia, tremors, and anxiety 3 days after stabbing a man in a bar fight. Progresses to hallucinations and overall confusion. Diagnosis? Deliriumm tremens (potentially fatal alcohol withdrawal); treated with benzodiazepines
Intoxication of this substance can cause severe respiratory depression. Barbiturates (benzo's milder respiratory depression); treated with naloxone (opiod competitive inhibitor)
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