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Angels Images of God; persons created by w/o bodies
Create to make something from nothing, as only God can do
Devels unfaithful angels who chose to turn away from God with their own free will; they do not love God.
Eternal always was, always is, and always will be
Grace a free gift from God in which He shares His divine life and friendship with us
Immortal will not die, will live forever
Heaven a place of eternal life with God where there is perfect happiness; a place with love of God, love of neighbor, and love of self
Hell a place here there is no love of God, no love of neighbor, no love of self
Person someone with a mind and a will
Pure Sprits persons with minds and wills but no bodies
What gift did God give angels? grace
what are three things angels do? praise God, act as guardians, and are messengers of God
What angels are found in Heaven? angles that love God, are faithful to him
What angels are found in Hell? Devels, Angels that do not love God, are not faithful to him, and chose to sin against him.
How many times are angels mentioned in The Bible 227
How do we know about angels? sacred scripture and tradition
What is the hierarchy of being? Dirt/Rocks -> Plants -> Animals -> Humans -> Angels -> God
can angels cahnge their mind? No, because they have full knowledge of God
Can fallen angels ever be forgiven for turning away form God? No, as they have full knowledge of God
List in order the 9 choirs of angels Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principailites, Archangles, and angels
What is the Sanctus? "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts"
Name means "burning ones" Seraphim
Has 4 wings Cherubim
Govern the universe Dominions
Cares for and guards countries, states, communities, and parishes Principalities
sing the Sanctus Seraphim
Fairness, Justice Thrones
Fight the demonic choirs Powers
Pure love and light Seraphim
Administraters of God's will Dominions
Guardian angels Angels
St. Gregory says this choir isgt he way God accomplishes his judgements. Thrones
God's emisaries Archangels
Closest to humans Angels
Run the operation of the universe Virtues
Means "fullness of wisdom" Cherubim
Wisdom and knowloedge Cherubim
Courage and miracles Virtues
6 wings Seraphim
Protect the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden Cherubim
What are the names of the angels mentioned in the Bible? Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, Satan.
Created by: TU675