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Energy sources voc

Biomass organic matter that contains stored energy that can be burned as fuel.
Biomass Energy energy produced from burning biomass materials
Coal dark brown or black natural solid substance. Consist mostly of carbon an is use for fuel.
Conservation the process of saving and protecting a natural resource.
Ethanol liquid fuel made from the sugar and starch in potatoes
Fossil Fuel fuels formed from the remains of prehistoric organism that are burned fro energy.
Gasohol mixture of gasoline and ethanol
Generator a machine that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Geothermal Energy energy from the center of the earth and cause movement of tectonic plates.
Hydroelectric Energy the use of water to produce electricity
Hydrogen Fuel Cells a device that use hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity.
Natural Resource any type of matter or energy from the Earth environment that w can use to meet our needs.
Nonrenewable Resource a resource that is use up more quickly that it can be replace in nature.
Nuclear Fission splitting the nucleous of radioactive atoms to produce energy
Recycle reusing of materials that people otherwise throw away as paper, glass, plastic, metals
Reduce use small or less quantity
Renewable Resource energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale,
Reuse find a way to use a resource again without changing it or reprocessing it
Smog fog or haze combined with smoke and other atmospheric pollutants.
Solar Cell a device that tarp solar energy and convert it in electricity.
Solar Energy energy from sunlight
Turbine a device that convert kinetic energy into electricity
Wind Energy Energy produced by wind turning
Wind Farm Hundreds of Windmills are built on one site or area
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