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7 Photosynthesis

7th grade biology science photosynthesis and cellular respiration

What organelles are found only in plant cells that carry out photosynthesis? Chloroplasts
Equation for photosynthesis in words: carbon dioxide + water + energy = (produces) glucose and oxygen
Plants use 1.________ to undergo photosynthesis to produce 2.___________. 1. Light energy 2. Glucose
When plants are making sugar they store some of it as 1.______ 1. Starch
What is the starch broken down into when the sugar needs to be retrieved? Simple glucose
What is the process in which light energy is converted to chemical energy and used to produce glucose? Photosynthesis
What organelle is found in plant and animal cells and carries out cellular respiration? Mitochondria
What are the raw materials for cellular respiration? Glucose and Oxygen
What are the raw materials for photosynthesis? Carbon dioxide, water, and energy
What are the products of photosynthesis? Glucose and Oxygen
What are the products of cellular respiration? Carbon dioxide, water, and energy.
Excess glucose is stored in the 1._______ as 2.___________. 1.Liver 2.Glycogen
What happens when you consume so many extra carbohydrates? You body stores more and more glucose and all your glycogen can turn into fat.
What are the three types of carbohydrates? Monosaccharides, disaccharides, and polysaccharides
The type of compound depends on what? How many carbon atoms it has
How many carbon atoms do monosaccharides consist of? 3-7
How many carbon atoms do disaccharides consist of? 6-14
What are very long chains of smaller carbohydrate molecules linked together? Polysaccharides
What is the byproduct of photosynthesis? Oxygen
What are the byproducts of cellular respiration? Carbon dioxide and water
What is ATP? Energy
What is the process called that cells can produce energy without oxygen? Fermentation
If no oxygen is available, cells can obtain energy through the process of 1.___________ Anaerobic Respiration
What is a common anaerobic process? Fermentation
Is fermentation an efficient process? No
How many ATP molecules are produced during fermentation compared to cellular respiration? 2 rather than 36 with cellular respiration
What are the 2 primary types of fermentation? Lactic acid fermentation and alcohol fermentation
Cellular respiration is also known as what? Aerobic respiration
What type of fermentation replaces the process of cellular respiration/aerobic respiration? Lactic Acid Fermentation
Alcohol fermentation occurs in what? Yeast and some bacteria
What is formed during glycolysis? Pyruvic acid
What is the equation alcohol fermentation? Glucose (produces)=Pyruvic Acids(produces)= alcohol + carbon dioxide + energy
What is the copying and equal separation of chromosomes? Cell division
How many chromosomes do humans have? 46
Cells of every organism have a specific number of what? Chromosomes
When is the only time chromosomes are visible? During cell division
What are chromosome pairs of the same length, centromere position, staining pattern, and gene position? Homologous chrosomes
A somatic/normal body cell divides into what before it becomes too big? 2 daughter cells
Each daughter cell is 1.__________ to the mother cell? Identical
The daughter cell gets one complete set of genetic information during cell division and becomes identical to the mother cell. ♥♥♥ It's true! ♥♥♥
What is the genetic information that is passed on from one generation of cells to the next is carried by what? Chromosomes
Before cell division, each chromosome is replicated and consists of 2 identical 1.________ Sister chromatids
Chromosomes spend most of their time as 1._____ -long strands of DNA that are relaxed. Chromatin
When cells get ready to divide, 1._________ condenses into 2.__________. 1. Chromatin 2. Chromosomes
How does photosynthesis benefit heterotrophs? It creates food they can eat
What happens during cellular respiration? Glucose is broken down, releasing energy.
Animals store glucose as? Starches
What happens during the cell cycle in order: 1. 2. 3. 1.A cell grows 2.A cell prepares for cell division 3. It divides to form 2 identical daughter cells
What is the official name for the division of the nucleus? Mitosis
Mitosos occurs in how many phases 4 phases
List the interphase phases. 1. G1-cell growth 2. S-DNA replication 3. G2-preperation for mitosis
List the events of mitosis in order. 1. Prophase 2. Metaphase 3. Anaphase 4. Telophase
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