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Qualities of Water

definition of excellent solvent polar molecule. If substance has a charge then water will break up
how excellent solvent helps living things helps with chemical reactions, dissolves nutrients and gasses. example fish breathing underwater
high specific heat definition amount of heat needed ti raise 1 ml of a substance 1 degree celcius
how high specific heat helps living things helps water resist rapid temperature change.
high heat of vaporization definition energy needed to change a liquid into a gas
how does high heat of vaparization help living things helps to maintain body temperature. cools or warms organisms on hot or cold days
high heat if fusion definition amount of heat that must be removed from water in order for water to freeze
how does high heat of fusion help living things gives aquatic organisms more time to adjust to the cooling temperatures
water is less dense than a solid definition water expands when freezing because becoming more organized. Bottom of lake 4 degrees Celsius because most dence
how does water is less dense than a solid help living things keeps ponds under ice a good temperature, freezes top to bottom
capillary action definition the ability of water to soak into objects that have a charge (cohesion=1 substance adhesion= 2 different substances)
how does capillary action help living things it helps transport water to the upper most leaves of trees/plants
surface tension definition water attaches to itself with hydrogen bonds and forms a skin on the surface that can support small objects heavier than water
how does surface tension help living things helps small insects to stay on top of the water instead of sinking in
Created by: edenbreslauer