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CNA Suffix/Prefix/WR

a- without
ab- away from
abdomin abdomen
–ac,-al,-an, -ar, ary pertaining to
acu needle; sharp
ad- toward
aden gland
adip fat
aer air
albin white
–algesia pain; sensitivity
–algia pain
ambi both
amni amnion
an- without
andr male
angi vessel
ante- before; in front of
antero- before; in front of
anti- against
arter artery
arthr joint
auto- self
axill armpit
bi- two
bio life
–blast immature; embryonic
blephar eyelid
brachi arm
brady- slow
bronch bronchus
bucc cheek
carcin cancer
cardi heart
carp wrist
caud tail
–cele protrusion
–centesis puncture to withdraw fluid
cephal head
cerebr cerebrum
cervic neck
chem chemical; drug
chlor green
cholecyst gall bladder
chondr cartilage
chrom color
chron time
–cide kill
circum- around
celi abdomen
–cise cut
–cle small
–coccus round
col colon
con- with, together
contra- against
coron heart
cost rib
crani skull
cryo- cold
cutane skin
cyan blue
cyst bladder
cyt cell
–cyte cell
dactyl fingers; toes
de- down
derm skin
dermat skin
dextro to the right
di- two
dia- through, across
dipl two; double
dips thirst
dorso- back
duct duct
–dynia pain
dys- difficult; painful
ec- out
–ectasis dilation
–ectomy surgical removal
–ectopia displacement
–emia blood condition
encephal brain
endo- within; inner
enter small intestine
eosin rosy
epi- upon; over
–er one who
erythr red
–esthesia feeling; sensation
esophag esophagus
eu- normal
ex- exit; out from
flex to bend
gastr stomach
–gen that which produces
–genesis creates
–genic producing
gloss tongue
glyc sugar
–gram record or picture
–graph instrument for recording
–graphy process of recording
–gravida pregnangcy
gynec female
hem blood
hemat blood
hemi- half
hepat liver
hetero- different
hist tissue
home same
homo- same
hidr sweat
hydro- water
hyper- over; above
hypo- under; below
hyster uterus
–ia state
–iasis abnormal
–iatric medicine
–ic, -ical, -ior pertaining to
ichthy scaly
ile ileum
im- not
immune immune
in- not; into
infra- under; beneath; below
infer- below
inguin groin
inter- among; between
intra- within, inside
–ion process
–ism state of
–ist one who specializes in
–itis inflammation; infection
–ize use or take away
–kinesia movement
kyph hump
lapar abdomen
–lapse slide or sag
laryng voice box
latero- side
leuk white
lip fat
lingu tongue
–lith stone
–logist one who studies
–logy study of
lord curve
lumb low back
lymph lymph
–lysis destroy
macro- large
mal- bad; ill
–malacia softening
mamm breast
mast breast
medi- middle
–megaly enlargement
melan black
meso- middle
meta- change, beyond
–meter instrument to measure
–metry process of measuring
micro- small
mid- middle
mono- one
morph shape
muc mucus
multi- many
my muscle
myc fungus
myel spinal cord
nas nose
nat birth
natr sodium
necr death
neo- new
nephr kidney
neur nerve
norm rule; order
nulli- none
–oid like; resembling
–ole small
olig scanty
–oma tumor; mass
omphal navel
onc tumor
onych nail
ophthalm eye
-opia vision
opt eye
or mouth
orch testes
orth straight
–ory, -ose, -ous pertaining to
–osis abnormal condition
oste bone
–ostomy surgically create an opening
ot ear
o, ov egg; ovary
ox oxygen
pachy- thick
pan- all
para- beside; near
–paresis weakness
–parous give birth
–partum birth; labor
path disease
–pathy disease
ped child
ped/pod foot
–penia few
per- through
peri- around
peritone peritoneum
–pexy surgical fixation
phag eat
pharyng throat
–phasia speech
–phobia abnormal fear
–phoria mental state
phot light
–physis to grow
pil hair
–plasia growth
–plasm formation
–plasty surgical repair
–plegia paralysis
pleur pleura
–pnea breathing
pneumon lung
poly- many
post- after
postero- behind
pre- before; in front of
pro- before; in front of
pseudo- false
–ptosis drooping
pulmon lung
purpur purple
py pus
pyret fever
quad- four
re- again, back
rect rectum
ren kidney
retro- backward; behind
rhin nose
–rrhage excessive flow
–rrhapy suture
–rrhea discharge
–rrhexis rupture
salping fallopian tubes
sarc flesh
–sclerosis hardening
–scope instrument for viewing
–scopy process of viewing
semi- partial
seps infection
sinsistro- left
–sis condition
somat body
sonmo sleep
–spasm involuntary muscle contraction
spleen spleen
–stalsis constriction
staphyl clusters
–stasis stopping
–stenosis narrowing
sub- below; under
super- above; excess
supra- above
sym- together
syn- together
tachy- rapid; fast
thel nipple
–therapy treatment
thorac chest
thromb clot
tonsill tonsils
tox toxin
trache wind-pipe
trans- through, across
tri- three
trich hair
–trophy nourishment; development
–ule small
ultra- beyond, excess
ung nail
uni- one
ur urine
–uria urine condition
ven vein
vertebr vertebra
viscer internal organ
xanth yellow
xer dry
Created by: MoGibbs