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Science - Energy Terms Nov. 17

140 Energy The ability to do work or cause change is called energy
142 Potential Energy Energy that is stored. A battery.
144 Mechanical Energy Energy associated with motion or position of an object.(mechanical motion). Swinging a baseball bat.
144 Thermal Energy Energy associated with heat or cold.
145 Electrical Energy Energy associated with electric. A light bulb or TV
141 Nuclear Energy Energy associated with the nucleus of an atom.
143 Kinetic Energy Energy that is in motion. A rolling ball.
143 Gravitational Potential Energy Potential Energy that is based on height or how high something is. A bowling ball sitting on a table waiting to fall off.
143 Elastic Potential Energy Potential Energy that is elastic. A rubber band.
144 Chemical Energy Potential(stored) Energy in chemicals. A Battery has chemicals in it that make energy.
145 Electromagnetic Energy Electromagnetic energy that travels in waves.
What is "Energy"? Energy is the ability to do work or product/make change.
When is energy transferred? Energy is transferred from object to another when "work" is being done.
What is kinetic energy? When is it done? Kinetic energy is the energy that an object has because it is moving.
What is potential energy? When is it done? Potential energy is the energy that an object has because of its position. A ball on a shelf ready to fall.
What are the Six forms of energy? Hints: Mech, Threm, chem, Elect, Electromag, Nuc Mechanical Energy. Thermal Energy. Chemical Energy. Electric Energy. Electromagnetic Energy. Nuclear Energy.
#1A, Page 164: Energy of motion is called? Hint: Flying baseball. (a) Elastic potential energy (b) Kinetic energy (c) Gravitational potential energy. (d) chemical energy. Kinetic Energy.
#1B, Page 164: Energy ready to be released based upon position is called? Hint: Ball on a shelf. Potential Energy.
#2, Page 164: When you stretch a rubber band or a sling shot? (a) kinetic energy. (b) elastic potential energy (c) gravitational potential energy. (d) power. Elastic Energy
#3, Page 164: When energy is transformed/changed, some of the energy is converted to? Hint: The sun on your face in the summer is hot. . (a) nuclear energy (b) electrical energy. (c) thermal Energy (d) mechanical energy. Thermal Energy
#4, Page 164: Coal stores energy form the sun as: (a) chemical energy. (b) electromagnetic energy. (c) mechanical energy. (d) electrical energy Chemical Energy
#5, Page 164: The rate at which work is done is called? (a) Energy (b) efficiency. (c) Power (d) Conservation. Power
#7, Page 164: True or False: The SI unit of power is the joule? True
#8, Page 164: True or False: Kinetic energy is energy due to the position of an object? False. Kinetic Energy is moving energy. Potential Energy is a ball on a shell ready to fall.
#9, Page 164: True or False: Green plants convert the electromagnetic energy of the sun into mechanical energy? False. Green plants convert "light energy" to "chemical potential energy".
# 11, Page 164: Describe the difference between kinetic energy(moving) and potential energy(ball on a shelf). Kinetic Energy is related to when an object is moving. Throwing a ball, moving car. Potential Energy is related to a ball on a shelf ready to fall.
What is the of law Conservation of Energy ? It states energy cannot be created or destroyed. One energy form is converted to another energy form and no energy is destroyed in the process. Energy can not be created or destroy just transferred to another kind of energy.
#14, Page 164: When you walk upstairs, how are you obeying the laws of conservation of energy? When you go up the stairs, you use kinetic energy but gain potential energy the higher up you go. The losing and gaining of the two energies balance out so there is no net loss or gain in the overall process.
coal stores energy from the sun as? Chemical energy
What is the source of energy stored in fossil fuels? fossil fuels contain energy that came from the sun
are energy and work the same thing? No. Energy is the ability to do work while work is the change in energy.
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