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Haydn reading

Haydn's primary patron family (DR) Esterhazy
What was the central focus of the Enlightenment? (ZH) The ability to reason
Which position defined Haydn's career? (ZH) The one in the service of the Esterházy family
What went missing three days after Haydn's burial? (ZH) His head. Silly phrenologists
What was the dress requirement for Haydn's musicians according to the rules laid down by Nicholas Esterhazy? (ZH) white stockings, white shirt, powdered and pigtails dressed alike. They were also supposed to follow all instructions given to them.
What is Sturm und Drang and where did it originate? (ZH) Storm and stress came originally out of literature and drama in stories where the protagonist gives way to violent explosions of emotion.
How many string quartets pieces did Haydn write? (ZH) 67 in 50 years
What was the primary instrument in the brass section? (AJ) Valve-Less Horns
Who influenced Hayden, and who did Hayden influence? (AJ) Mozart
How long did Hayden serve Prince Paul Anton and his brother Nikolaus? (AJ) 30 Years
Where did Hayden conduct his weekly concerts? (AJ) Clavier or First-Violin Position
What are the three main principles of Sonata-Allegro Form? (AJ) Exposition, Development, and Recapitulation
What was the most popular form of chamber music? (AJ) String Quartet
Who is credited with being the father of the Classical symphony and string quartet? (SN) Haydn
Translate "Sturm and Drang" (SN) Storm and stress
The use of a minor key, pulsing rhythms and syncopation, and sudden changes in tempo and dynamics are characteristics of what? (SN) Sturm and Drang Movement
What are the three principle sections to the Sonata-Allegro Form? (SN) Exposition, Development, Recapitulation
The second movement of a Classical Symphony could also be written in _______________? (SN) Theme and Variations
What was the most popular form of chamber music in the Classical period? (SN) The string quartet
How were musicians viewed in the 18th century? As servants
What were the four instrument parts in a string quartet in Eszterháza? Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola and Violoncello
What are the four movements in a Classical era symphony? Sonata-Allegro, Theme and Variation, Minuet and Finalef
How was the finale in a Classical symphony written? In Sonata-Allegro or Sonata Rondo form
Where was Haydn born? Rohrau, between Austria and Hungary
From what did Strum and Drang originate? Literature and drama stories where this is much violent expression
Which three composers are considered the greatest iconic minds? (DA) Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn.
What was Haydn's first music position held and how old was he? (DA) Chapel Director to Count von Morzin, 27.
How long was Haydn under the Esterhazy family service? (DA) 35 years.
Roughly how many symphonies did Haydn write? (DA) over 104.
What are the three sections to the first movement,Sonata-Allegro From, of a symphony? (DA) Exposition Development Recapitulation
What was the most popular for of chamber music during the classical period? (DA) The string quartet.
Who did Mozart dedicate his string quartets Nos. 14-19 to? Why? (AL) Haydn because they were close friends.
What were Haydn's duties while serving Prince Anton and his brother Nikolaus? (AL) Writing, rehearsing, and performing music for weekly opera and marionette plays, incidental music for plays, daily chamber sessions, and music for the chapel.
Was Haydn a quickly developed composer? (AL) No. His style developed slowly, yet consistently, with his job at Esterhaza.
Although ________ is given credit for introducing romanticism, _______'s deep expression in his symphonies was a leap in the direction of the romantic aesthetic. (AL) Beethoven; Haydn
How many symphonies did Haydn write? (AL) Over 104
What was the structure of the Classical Era symphony? (AL) Fast (Sonata-Allegro Form) Slow (Song Form or Theme and Variations Form) Dance-like (Minuet and Trio Form) Fast "Finale" (Sonata-Allegro or Sonata Rondo Form)
Who was Mozart's teacher? (MS) Hadyn
What style of music did Haydn write? (KW) Classical
Who is credited with being the father of the string quartet? (KW) Haydn
What form is Haydn's Surprise Symphony NO 94 in G? (KW) ABA Form
What form was the first movement of the Classical Era Symphony written in? (KW) Fast - Sonata Allegro Form
What other forms other than Sonata Allegro form were used in the Classical Era symphony? (KW) Song Form and Theme and Variations Form
Haydn's Emperor Quartet became the theme for which country's national anthem? (KW) Germany
Created by: hcmusicprof
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