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geography 17.1

spain and portugal

What do the Pyrenees Mountains block? passage across the nation's only land border
What do steep cliffs on the coastal edge of Spain block? easy attack from sea
What physical feature covers most of Spain? what is it called? plateau, Meseta
Define navigable. deep and wide enough to allow ships to pass
What type of climate is one the east coast of spain? mediterranean climate
Define mediterranean climate. mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers
What do farmers in the Meseta grow? wheat or barley
What methods do the farmers in the Meseta use? dry farming
Define dry farming. leave land unplanted every few years in order to gather moisture
What is Spain's largest port? Barcelona
What is Spain's major export? transportation equipment
Spain has high rates of what? unemployment
What is Spain's largest city and also its capital? Madrid
When did it become the capital and why? 1561, its central location
What did Madrid become? a hub
define hub. a central point of concentrated activity and influence
Madrid is a what of more than how many residents? metroplis, 3 million
Where do the Basque people live and what is their population? Northern Spain, 1 million
What do the Basques have to protect their culture? cultural divergence
Basque what is difficult to learn? language
How large is Portugal? the size of Indiana
What part of the country is mountainous? northeastern corner
What crop is grown on flat lands in Portugal? grains
What is produced in south portugal? olive oil
Created by: maraliston1