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Science Study Guide

a gas that all living things need and that plants give off into the air oxygen
What do all animals need to survive? food, shelter, water, air
an animal with a backbone vertebrate
a type of vertebrate that has hair or fur and feeds its young with milk from the mother;most mammals give birth to live young mammal
a type of vertebrate that has feathers bird
a type of vertebrate that has moist skin, begins its life in water with gills, and develops lungs as an adult to live on land amphibian
a type of vertebrate that breathes through gills and spends its life in water fish
an animal without a backbone invertebrate
Which of the following is a reptile: bear, bird,snake, or frog? snake
This animal has 3 body parts and 6 legs. insect
This animal has 2 body parts and 8 legs. spider
How are a spider and an insect alike? They are both invertebrates. They both have an outer body cover.
These animals have a soft body, usually ahead, sometimes a foot, sometimes a shell or tentacles. snails, squid, and clams
A type of animal that has dry skin covered with scales. reptile
Name the 5 groups of vertebrates. Mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish
How does the way a whale gets oxygen the same as the way a hippo gets oxygen? Both animals have to rise out of the water to take in the air.
How do animals get oxygen? from the air or from water
How do animals get the food they need? by eating plants or other animals.
How are animals different from plants? Animals cannot make their own food.
Why do animals need food? to help them grow and stay alive
What are some animal shelter examples? birds nest, rabbit burrow, etc(there are many)
What do mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish have in common? They all have a backbone. They are all vertebrates.
How are fish different from other vertebrates? They spend their entire lives in water, they have fins, and they breathe through gills.
What type of animal are there more of than all of the other animals put together? insects
Is a worm an invertebrate or vertebrate? invertebrate
How is a worms' movement in soil important to plants? It adds oxygen to the soil.
Created by: sverkamp