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practice rev(medix college)

abnormal condition of excessive sweat hyperhidrosis
ABCO fat adiposis
ABCO hair fungus trichomycosis
ABCO hidden nail onychocryptosis
ABCO horny tissue kerotosis
ABCO no sweat sudoresis
ABCO skin fungus dermatomycosis
above the skin epidermis
black tumor melenoma
carrying through diaphoresis
cold therapy cryotherapy
condition of the nail onychia
condition of sweat sudoresis
condition without breasts amastia
discharge of fat liporrhea steatorrhea
disease of a gland adenopathy
disease of the hair trichopathy
dry skin xeroderma
excessive feeling hyperesthesia
excision of a lump lumpectomy
fat cell lipocyte
fat tumor lipoma
hard skin pachyderma
hard skin scleroderma
herniation/swelling of fat lipocele
inflammation of the nipple thelitis
inflammation of fat steatitis
inflammation of sweat glands hidradentitis
inflammation of the skin dermatitis
new growth neoplasm
pertaining to a hair nest pilonidal
pertaining to a nail ungual
pertaining to below the nail subungual
pertaining to below the skin subcutaneous
pertaining to scales squamous
skin pus pyoderma
softening of a nail onychomalacia
specialist in the study of skin dermatologist
study of fungus mycology
study of skin dermatology
surgical repair of the skin dermatoplasty
transplantation from foreign or strange xenograft
transplant of same homograft
treatment of skin dermatherapy
tumor blood vessels hemagioma
Abnormal condition of dry/scaly ichthyosis
Created by: Baszyl03