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Review for test

Said "Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry
a slam against Americans Yankee Doodle
a question that doesn't need an answer rhetorical
comparison without using like or as Metaphor
Don't eat or drink to excess Temperance
A short, witty saying with a lesson aphorism
used to publish poems, songs, ads Broadsides
small pox inncualtion dude Cotton Matther
document that lists what the king did wrong Declaration of Indep.
Credited with the self-made man and autobiography Ben Franklin
guy that had an almanac Poor Richard
Thought all people were good and should do good to others Deism
sentences or phrases with the same grammatical structure Parallelism
repetition of first word or words anaphora
thought thoughts were important rationalists
what Americans were called becasue they had to make things out of whatever they had Tinkerers
his remains were sold to a furniture dealer Thomas Paine
short story used to make a point anecdote
don't waste money or things Frugality
wrong none by doing injuries Justice
Created by: housej