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Factors of Civ

Basic research categories for Ancient Civs-economics, government, religion, etc

Favorable geographic characteristics Parts of the physical geography of a place that helps people be successful there. Examples are rivers and fertile valleys.
Agricultural practices Activities related to raising animals and crops for food.
Social class structure A way of dividing people into groups based on their wealth, profession and power.
Religion A system of beliefs about God or gods, the afterlife, and how to live a good life.
Government The people that run a country making decisions about safety and security.
System of Writing Usually starts out as pictures that represent words. Then it often develops into an alphabet.
Economics The way people use their limited resources to fill their unlimited needs and wants. Often related to topics like jobs, resources, and taxes.
Literature Important stories, poems or writings.
Architecture The design and construction of buildings.
Arts Works created by people that might include sculpture, engraving, painting,drawing, crafting jewelry, etc.
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