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Chinese radicals

Chinese radicals with pinyin

一 yī one
丨 shù line
丶 diǎn dot
丿 piě slash
乙 yǐ second
亅 gōu hook
二 èr two
亠 tóu lid
人 rén person
儿 ér legs
入 rù enter
八 bā eight
冂 jiǒng down box
冖 mì cover
冫 bīng ice
几 jī, jǐ table
凵 qǔ open box
刀 dāo knife
力 lì power
勹 bāo wrap
匕 bǐ ladle
匚 fāng right open box
匸 xǐ hiding enclosure
十 shí ten
卜 bǔ divination
卩 jié seal
厂 hàn cliff
厶 sī private
又 yòu again
口 kǒu mouth
囗 wéi enclosure
土 tǔ earth
士 shì scholar
夂 zhī go
夊 suī go slowly
夕 xī night
大 dà big
女 nǚ woman
子 zǐ child
宀 gài roof
寸 cùn inch
小 xiǎo small
尢 yóu lame
尸 shī corpse
屮 chè sprout
山 shān mountain
川 chuān river
工 gōng work
己 jǐ oneself
巾 jīn towel
干 gān dry
幺 yāo thread
广 guǎng shelter
廴 yǐn stride
廾 gǒng hands joined
弋 yì shoot with a bow
弓 gōng bow
彐 jì snout
彡 shān hair
彳 chì step
心 xīn heart
戈 gē spear
户 hù door
手 shǒu hand
支 zhī branch
攴 pū rap
文 wén script
斗 dǒu dipper
斤 jīn axe
方 fāng square
无 wú not
日 rì sun
曰 yuē say
月 yuè moon
木 mù tree
欠 qiàn lack
止 zhǐ stop
歹 dǎi death
殳 shū weapon
母 mǔ mother
比 bǐ compare
毛 máo fur
氏 shì clan
气 qì steam
水 shuǐ water
火 huǒ fire
爪 zhǎo claw
父 fù father
爻 yáo lines on a trigram
爿 qiáng half of a tree trunk
片 piàn slice
牙 yá tooth
牛 niú cow
犭 quǎn dog
玄 xuán profound
玉 yù jade
瓜 guā melon
瓦 wǎ tile
甘 gān sweet
生 shēng life
用 yòng use
田 tián field
疋 pǐ cloth
疒 bìng ill
癶 bō foot steps
白 bái white
皮 pí skin
皿 mǐn dish
目 mù eye
矛 máo spear
矢 shǐ arrow
石 shí stone
示 shì spirit
禸 róu track
禾 hé grain
穴 xuè cave
立 lì stand
竹 zhú bamboo
米 mǐ rice
纟 sī silk
缶 fǒu jar
网 wǎng net
羊 yáng sheep
羽 yǔ feather
老 lǎo old
而 ér and
耒 lěi plow
耳 ěr ear
聿 yù brush
肉 ròu meat
臣 chén minister
自 zì oneself
至 zhì arrive
臼 jiù mortar
舌 shé tongue
舛 chuǎn contrary
舟 zhōu boat
艮 gèn mountain
色 sè color
艹 cǎo grass
虍 hǔ tiger
虫 chóng insect
血 xuě blood
行 xíng walk
衣 yī clothes
西 xī west
见 jiàn see
角 jiǎo horn
讠 yán speech
谷 gǔ valley
豆 dòu bean
豕 shǐ pig
豸 zhì badger
贝 bèi shell
赤 chì red
走 zǒu walk
足 zú foot
身 shēn body
车 chē cart
辛 xīn bitter
辰 chén morning
辶 chuò walk
邑 yì city
酉 yǒu wine
釆 biàn distinguish
里 lǐ village
钅 jīn metal
长 cháng long
门 mén gate
阜 fù mound
隶 lì slave
隹 zhuī short-tailed bird
雨 yǔ rain
青 qīng blue
非 fēi wrong
面 miàn face
革 gé leather
韦 wěi soft leather
韭 jiǔ leek
音 yīn sound
页 yè page
风 fēng wind
飞 fēi fly
饣 shí eat
首 shǒu head
香 xiāng fragrant
马 mǎ horse
骨 gǔ bone
高 gāo high
髟 biāo long hair
鬥 dòu fight
鬯 chàng sacrificial wine
鬲 lì cauldron
鬼 guǐ ghost
鱼 yú fish
鸟 niǎo bird
卤 lǔ salty
鹿 lù deer
麦 mài wheat
麻 má hemp
黄 huáng yellow
黍 shǔ millet
黑 hēi black
黹 zhǐ embroidery
黾 mǐn frog
鼎 dǐng tripod
鼓 gǔ drum
鼠 shǔ rat
鼻 bí nose
齐 qí even
齿 chǐ tooth
龙 lóng dragon
龟 guī turtle
龠 yuè flute
丷 bā eight
乀 乁 piě slash
乚 乛 yǐ second
亻 rén person
刂 dāo knife
尣 yóu lame
巛 巜 chuān river
彑 jì snout
忄 xīn heart
扌 shǒu hand
攵 pū rap
毋 mǔ mother
氵 shuǐ water
灬 huǒ fire
爫 zhǎo claw
牜 niú cow
犬 quǎn dog
王 yù jade
礻 shì spirit
罒 wǎng net
衤 yī clothes
覀 xī west
金 jīn metal
阝 yì city
阝 fù mound
飠 食 shí eat
Created by: aletheach
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