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Study Guide Q's

Characteristics of a substance that can be measured or observed without changing the identity of the material is___ Physical Changes
All of the following are chemical changes except... A. The burning of gasoline. B. A rusting car. C. Melting ice. D.Food digesting.(Only Letter) C
Which is not evidence of a chemical change? A. Fizzing. B. Change of phase. C. Color change. D. Formation of a precipitate. (Only Letter) C
Which is an example of a chemical change? A. Water boiling. B. Paper being cut. C. Ice freezing. D. Iron rusting D
What is the difference between a chemical and a physical change? A chemical change is changing completely. A physical change is just changing the looks.
What is the difference between a chemical property and a physical property? A chemical property is the ability to be changed chemically. A physical property are the properties that you can see, feel, taste, hear or smell.
What is the difference between a chemical property and a chemical change? A chemical property is the ability to be changed chemically, a chemical change is actually being changed
What is the difference between a physical property and a physical change? A physical change is changing the looks, taste sounds, etc. A physical property is the looks, taste, sounds, etc.
Why is boiling water not a physical change? Water boiling is not a chemical change because the water molecules just spread out, they do not change at all.
What reaction starts with one chemical and ends up with two? Decomposition
What reaction combines two chemicals into one new chemical? Synthesis
What reaction replaces one element in a compound with another chemical? Single Replacement
What reaction swaps out elements from different compounds with each other? Double Replacement
If a chemical reaction begins with 6 atoms of Carbon how many Carbon atoms should it have in the result?(number) 6
A reaction produces 2 new substances and each have 25 grams. What was the total number of grams in the reactants?(number) 50
How is balancing equations related to what the Law of Conservation says? It shows how you can't create matter and you can't destroy it. You have to make sure you didn't destroy some of the molecules.
What is the difference between a molecule and an atom? A molecule is multiple atoms chemically bonded. An atom is just one element by itself.
Created by: Darth Tator