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Greek Roots Vocab 6

Intercollegiate Activity between colleges
Intermission Breaks between acts and movies
Intersection A connection between roads
Eject Cast; throw out of something
Reject Dismissing an opportunity; throwing it away
Trajectory Directional path taken through the air of an object
Interject To intervene in something
Inhale Breathe in
Halitosis Bad breath
Anhelation Shortness of breath
Fatuous Stupid or oafish
Infatuation Unhealthy interests or focus
Disgust Bad taste; offensive; level of disliking something or someone
Gusto Good taste or pleasing
Augustus First Roman emporer
Confirmation To verify something
Firmament The heavens or sky
Exoskeleton Outside of your body
Exothermic Outward release of energy
Democracy A government of the people
Demagogue A bad leader
Calcite A type of stone
Calcium A type of stone
Calculate To decipher
Barometer Measures air pressure
Barostat Small balloon used for surgery
Acrobatics One who does tricks at a great height
Acrophobia Fear of heights
Antithesis The direct opposite of something or someone else
Hypothesis Making an educated guess on something
Thesis The main idea of something
Kilometer Thousand meters
Kilogram Thousand grams
Kilobyte Thousand bytes
Bilingual Knowing how to speak two languages
Linguistic Pertaining to languages
Anthropomorphic Both human and animal characteristics
Morphology Study of forms and shapes of organisms
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