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Phaedrus Animals

Phaedrus Animals Latin 3 Vocabulary Cards

Aevum Age, lifetime
Avarus Greedy
Caelum Sky, heaven
Capella She-goat
Careo To be without
Clementer Kindly, gently
Conveniens Agreeing, harmonious, appropriate
Effundo To pour out
Exigo To drive out, finish, conclude
Extollo To lift up, extol
Fingo To form, shape, contrive, pretend
Fodio To dig, dig out
Fraudo To swindle, cheat
Heres Heir
Irascor To become angry
Iucunditas Pleasure, enjoyment
Lucrum Profit, gain, wealth
Lympha Water nymph, water
Obsisto (+dative) to block, oppose
Oro To beg
Periculum Danger
Polio To polish
Porro Hereafter, next, forwards
Procul From afar, far
Prolabor To glide forward, to slip forward
Queror To complain about, to lament
Sarcina Package, bag, (pl.) luggage
Sensim Gradually, carefully
Speluna Cave
Stultus Stupid
Tenebrae Shadows, darkness
Uber Rich, fertile, fruitful, productive
Created by: 18barkea